A Letter from the Editor: The Banner FAQ

Photo Credit: Sabrina Benet

To the students of CSI,

We want to publish your voice! At The Banner, we will help you improve your writing and reporting skills. Join our meetings here every Thursday at 3pm.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Banner: 

Q: What is The Banner?

A: The Banner is a publication that is owned and run by the students of CSI. We report on topics ranging from politics, sports, opinions and college news. 

Q: Why write for the student newspaper? 

A: You should write for The Banner because we want to publish your voice. Our publication has a lot of room for you to grow your writing skills, knowledge, and future friendships. 

Q: How do I join The Banner?

A: If you are a current CSI student, come to our meetings! The Banner staff will make sure that you feel welcomed and set you up with the information you need to get started such as article format and tips for when writing. 

Q: I’m not an experienced writer, can I still join The Banner? 

A: At The Banner, we welcome anyone with interest to join us. Our staff will work with you and help you improve your writing in a comfortable setting. 

Q: Are their positions open at The Banner? 

A: There are always staff writer positions open at The Banner. We welcome anyone who has an interest in writing, investigating, or expressing themselves to join our team. Editor positions open at the end of the Fall and Spring Semesters. These positions include Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, Copy Editor, Web Editor, and all section editors.

Q: Where can we contact you?

A: You can contact us with any other questions you may have at or via our CSI Connect page, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. 

Q: When and where are your meetings? 

A: Our meetings are held on Zoom Thursdays from 3-4 pm, please email us for Zoom link.

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