Two Doses Down! Freedom, Here I Come… Almost

My experience before, during and after getting the second vaccine

By: Carlos Glick

Vaccine NYC Sticker

IGotTheShotNYC sticker. Credit: Carlos Glick

A few weeks ago, I wrote about getting the first vaccination shot, which took place on January 29, 2021. Fast forward four weeks later, on February 26, 2021, I received my second vaccination shot.

I received my second vaccination shot over at the same site as the first, Port Richmond High School. Our appointment time to get the second vaccine was at 12:30 P.M. Just like the first visit, we had to do the same procedures: wait in line, show our IDs, and then wait in another line until it was our turn to get the second vaccine. 

Both my dad and I got our vaccines at the same time. Just like the first, the shot felt like just a pinch. After my dad got his vaccine, we were instructed to go behind the wall of tables and wait 15 minutes before we can leave. 

Unlike the first vaccine, where I started feeling the side effects within an hour kick in, the side effects to the second vaccine had a delayed reaction. I didn’t start to feel the side effects till later that night, or the morning after. As well, the side effects of the second vaccine are much stronger compared to the first.

Even after you get the second vaccine, however, you still need to let the vaccine settle in for about two weeks before you are fully recovered.

I was so out of it the following day, that I was in my bed for most of the morning till early afternoon resting and relaxing because I couldn’t move a muscle due to the pain I was experiencing, other than occasional trips to the kitchen or bathroom. By late afternoon to early evening, my body was feeling a lot better and I started to feel like myself again. 

  Just like the first vaccine, you will experience, like I did, the same side effects as I mentioned in my previous article regarding the first vaccination shot.

You will experience some (if not all) of the following symptoms regarding the second vaccination shot. These may include headaches, tiredness, fever, sore injection in your arm, pain throughout the rest of your body, chills, etc.…  

What’s great about getting both shots of the vaccination is that if you are around someone who has COVID and you manage to be around a person who has the virus, and you manage to catch it, you will still have the same symptoms as a person who has the virus, but the symptoms will be very mild. But be warned, you can still spread it.

Some people, like my dad and I are very sore the evening or morning after and are bedridden getting the second vaccination shot. Other people, like my mom, for instance, are immune to the vaccination.

What’s also great about receiving both dosages of the vaccination is that even though you still need to wear masks and social distance (for the most part) you will be able to have more freedom to go places and, in some sense, although not fully true, because you still need to be careful.

So, when you can and if you can, go get both dosages of the vaccine. Trust me, it’s worth it!


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