Please, No More Covid Entertainment

The Coronavirus makes it’s unnecessary prime time debut

By: Angelina Salvador

A.S -issue 12- Opinion

A person holding television remote. Credit: lifeofpix.com

For months, we’ve been indulging in watching our favorite shows now that we’ve had time. It’s been about a year since the pandemic began, and we’ve all been trying to find new things to do or watch.  

When production for shows and movies stopped, we were left with binge-watching old shows and rewatching TV/movie series. Months after COVID hit, production began again and for some reason (arguably the reason is because of the virus) writers have written it in their projects.

Now, that argument is completely understood and appreciated. Adding masks and the virus into scripts will keep things safe for the actors and crew. 

However, if they’re taking drastic measures and keeping healthy, surely they don’t need to write the virus in. Won’t that take away from the reason why we watch movies and shows? 

Almost, if not everyone, uses entertainment as an escape from reality. We watch things to distract ourselves, for contentment, and to keep us busy from our jobs and academic lives. 

So why would we want to divert ourselves from the mental and physical exhaustion of COVID-19, just to turn on the television and see an entire show or movie implicating the virus into their story? 

People lost family, friends, co-workers, and fellow students because of it. How can anyone turn to their screens to be hit with it again?

Can you imagine how that feels, to be constantly reminded of all the people you’ve lost that’s within some scripted project? It must be incredibly tiring and miserable. 

Here’s where it’s okay to have the virus applied to television. Shows like Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Grey’s Anatomy take place in real-time, so it makes sense to see how the virus affects those stories.

Here are some series that incorporated COVID-19:

Your Honor

Your Honor IMAGE 1

Bryan Cranston in drama Your Honor. Credit: Radio Times

Your Honor, an American television limited series that takes place in real-time, has featured several characters wearing masks here and there. But it doesn’t seem like it’s the main plot of the show, so why even incorporate it? 

The reason why it’s okay for shows like Law and Order and Grey’s Anatomy (amongst other hospital dramas) is that it takes place in real-time and it doesn’t take away from the show’s purpose. 

Law and Order SVU - IMAGE 2

Actresses Mariska Hargitay and Kelly Giddish filming Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Credit: SplashNews.com

It’s easy for shows like Law and Order to incorporate the virus into the show because they don’t make it the actual focus for the plot in each episode of season 22. We see the characters getting their temperature checked and putting their masks on and off. 

It doesn’t take away from the show’s purpose, which is to highlight survivors’ stories. Then, there’s Grey’s Anatomy, the longest-running medical-drama on TV.

Grey's Anatomy IMAGE 3

Actress Ellen Pompeo in character for Grey’s Anatomy. Credit: NBC News

Grey’s Anatomy is a medical-drama-romance show, set in real-time, so there’s no avoiding the virus. It works perfectly since they’re already in a hospital and most nurses and doctors already wear masks on the show, and in real life. 

Since almost every piece of entertainment involves the virus, there is a simple answer for those who want to completely ignore the world-wide spread for just a moment. 

It’s the perfect time to binge-watch old TV shows to feel nostalgic and keep the virus off your mind. The opticians are endless, and it’s so much better to rewatch everything that once made us feel happy. 

But, if you’re looking for something new to watch that has nothing to do with the pandemic, read below!

On Netflix: Pose, The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel & Schitts Creek 

On Hulu: Snowfall & Good Girls 

Superman+Lois-Clarice IMAGE 4

Left, Superman and Lois. Right, Clarice. Credit: Hollywood Reporter & Variety

On CW App: Clarice & Superman and Lois 

On Disney+ App: WandaVision & The Falcon and the Winter Soldier 

Wandavision-FalconWinter IMAGE 5

WandaVision & The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Credit: ScreenRant.com

All of these shows are great and have solid plots and purpose, without using COVID. If you’re looking for drama, action, love, and a good laugh, these shows are perfect to start watching! 

COVID entertainment needs to end, with a few acceptations. It’s pretty telling that storylines of shows and movies nowadays evolve around the pandemic. 

Take your mind off all things about the virus and treat yourself to entertainment that is worth watching! 

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