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“Among Us” Can Now be Played in Real Life

Locations are Opening up for People to Play as if They Were in the Game

By: Brooke Price

Players can wear the famous astronaut outfits while they play the game.
Photo Credit: epicgames.com

Players of the hit game “Among Us” can now play the game in real life as imposters and crew mates!

“Among Us” is an online game where players play as astronaut-like creatures in outer space. There are three maps players can choose from, which include a spaceship called “The Skeld,” a headquarters building called “MIRA HQ,” or a planetary base called “Polus.”

Players are divided up into crew mates and imposters. Crew mates complete their tasks, such as clearing asteroids, fix wiring, and starting the reactor. Imposters have to try and kill the majority of the crew mates and sabotage the crew mates’ tasks or fake completing tasks until no more crew mates remain.

After a body is discovered, players decide who was the imposter that killed the crew mate and proceed to vote out who they think the imposter is. The person who gets the most votes is voted out of the game but can continue to play a ghost.

With the success of popularity in “Among Us,” there will now be different locations around the United States, where people can play the game in real life.

The setup will be similar to laser tag, where people can physically enter the different maps and will walk around and complete tasks.

Players can first make a reservation on the “Among Us Live” website for the date they want to go. On the website, they can also customize their outfit online before they go to the location to play the game.

Players can choose to customize their outfits online. They can pick what color they want their astronaut outfit to be and select from a wide variety of accessories they want to wear, such as a cheese hat, an egg hat, a plant hat, a flower hat, a beanie, or a party hat.

Once the outfits are selected, they are shipped to the players’ houses for them to wear once they go to their Among Us Live location. The outfits are also equipped with sensors that will light up when the game is being played, which will be essential to the game. Players get to keep their outfits after the game, and the game and outfits combined cost $50.

When the participants go to the location, they can tell the worker what map they want to play on. Each Among Us Live location has six rooms, two rooms are dedicated to each map players can play in-game.

The setup for playing Among Us Live is similar to laser tag. After players are in their outfits and given their phasers, they will be separated before they are allowed into their map. Then, “crew mate” or “imposter” will briefly flash on their phasers.

The game will begin when everyone enters the map. Crew mates can replicate tasks in-person, such as swiping the admin card and submitting a scan. Imposters can sneak through vents, by walking through a tunnel hidden in the wall to get to different locations. Vents allow imposters to stealthily “kill” crew members and then flee from the crime scene immediately.

They can also “kill” someone by pointing their phaser at someone and shooting one of the sensors on their outfit with the phaser. The sensors light up throughout the game and are located on the front center and back center of their outfit.

Once the imposter “kills” someone, the lights and sensors on the person’s outfit turn off. The victim then has to stay where they are until someone reports the body.

There is a red button on the phaser to report a “dead body.” Once someone is “killed,” the lights will turn on and the people will gather in the discussion room to discuss what happened. Once a player is killed, they will be sent to the observation deck, which is the upstairs area, and continue to watch the game unfold, however, they can’t continue playing the game. 

In the discussion room, people will also choose to vote out a person who they think is the impostor, or choose to skip voting for that round. If more than half of the players choose to vote out who they think is the imposter, then they will be voted out. 

However, if not enough players vote out who they think is the imposter, then they will remain in the next round. The player who gets voted out will be sent to the observation deck to observe the rest of the game. 

The game continues until the majority of the crew members get killed off by the imposter, or if the crew members are able to successfully vote out the imposter.  

Among Us Live is a fun new way to enjoy Among Us in real life and play the game in person.

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