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Zoom Romance for Dummies

Shoot your shot! We’ve lost it all already

By: Valerie Gonzalez



Campus life as we know it is over; Students have been remote learning for a little over a year. Remote learning has taken a toll on us academically and socially, with anxiety building more as isolation goes on.

Covid-19 has had a big impact on today’s society, the way we behave, and more importantly the ways that we interact with each other. Most of the student population had to learn how to attend classes online and transition to a life where our laptops are our best friend, and our phone is another way to attend class or submit assignments. 

We don’t have any more library hangouts, football games, or even in-person classes that would normally allow students to work in groups. Dating or even talking to a classmate seems so hard and challenging, although many of us have turned to the world of online dating; this includes apps such as Tinder, Instagram, and Bumble.

Along with dating apps, there is the chance of meeting someone in one of your Zoom classes! Learning online allows you to see the class as a whole, if someone catches your eye, go for it. 

If you are lucky enough to land a date, you can use Facetime, Zoom, Skype, or other apps for a socially distanced option. This may avoid any awkward tension during the first meeting, as well as the stress of being probably socially distanced. 

Video dates are a great option to get to know your potential significant other during this time, allowing you to get to know the person’s mannerisms and personality before seeing them in person. 

The downside to meeting someone while in quarantine is the social distancing limits. Thankfully, apps, Zoom classes, and other virtual events allow students to connect with others during this difficult time.  

Here are a few tips to help your online dating life: 

Normalize Rejection During this Time

We need to be okay with the idea of rejection, whether it is from the first message to after you finally meet in person, of course taking the precautions necessary for everyone to be safe. If you shoot your shot on a study group chat, Instagram, or even on the dating apps, you must be open to the idea that maybe the person you like is not as interested or even maybe not a good match for you. If after you meet there are no follow-up texts it is OKAY! 

Sometimes First Dates Are Awkward 

Sometimes first dates are awkward and they could get worse if all the interaction you’ve had is through texts. Be confident and do not ever try to be someone you’re not! Dating is hard and during the pandemic, it will be harder, but confidence is key. 

Most importantly… Be Yourself!

If you’re funny, do not be afraid to joke around! If you’re interested in music or a certain hobby share that! Telling people what you like should get you to meet people that have similar interests as well. 

If you put your mindset to something it will be easier to find people that have the same mindset, and your search will narrow down until you find your perfect match; after all, we have to see the pandemic as our new normal and adapt.

Hope this gives you a little bit of hope, put yourself out there!!

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