Every Family Has its Secrets

“Ginny and Georgia” Digs Deep into Growing Up and Becoming Independent

By: Brooke Price

“Ginny and Georgia” shows a mother-daughter dynamic. Credit:

“Ginny and Georgia” follows a single mother, Georgia, moving to the town of Wellsbury with her daughter Ginny and son Austin. Georgia names her children after the places they were born. 

Georgia and her family recently fled from Texas after her husband died of a heart attack, caused by her after she witnessed her husband assaulting her daughter. As a result, Georgia puts a poisonous plant in his drink to kill him. Georgia hopes that Wellsbury will be the fresh start that everyone needs.

Ginny goes to high school and makes friends with Max, her neighbor, Abby, and Norah. They decide to name their friend group “MANG,” using the first letters of all their names. 

Upon her arrival, Ginny befriends Marcus and they have a romantic encounter. However, through MANG, Ginny begins dating Hunter. She is caught in a love triangle between them.

Unlike Ginny, her younger brother Austin is having a hard time fitting in at school and gets bullied by the other kids. He decides to stick up for himself by stabbing the kid who bullied him, but after the incident, he never went back to school.

Antonia Gentry plays Ginny, Georgia’s teenage daughter. Brianne Howey plays Georgia, the matriarch of the Miller family that will do anything for her kids. Diesel La Torraca plays Austin, Georgia’s youngest son, who has a love for all things Harry Potter.

Some of the actors that were from “Degrassi” also starred in “Ginny and Georgia,” which was a pleasant surprise. Raymond Ablack, who played Sav Bhandari, now plays Joe, the owner of Blue Farm Café. Sara Waisglass, who played Frankie Hollingsworth, plays Max, the head girl of Ginny’s friend group. Chelsea Clark who played Esme Song on “Degrassi: Next Class” plays Norah, who is part of the clique Max runs.

Georgia hides secrets from Ginny and Austin, such as faking mailing letters to Austin’s dad, hiding her past from her kids, not telling her kids about distant relatives, and embezzling money from her job at the mayor’s office. 

Georgia’s distant sister Maddie also comes back into the picture, but she ultimately realizes that she is spying on her and helping a private investigator in order to get some money. Georgia’s deceased husband’s ex-wife doesn’t want Georgia and her family to get any money from the will. 

As a result, she sends out a private investigator to spy on Georgia and see if any foul play was involved in her ex-husband’s murder so that she could get the fortune all to herself.

Georgia tries to set up her family for success and tries to give them a good life. She works at the mayor’s office and eventually begins a relationship with him. Being the mayor’s wife will give her economic stability and status within the town. 

However, Georgia’s ex-boyfriend, Zion and Ginny’s biological father comes back to town, trying to rekindle their relationship. Georgia also has another love interest, Joe from the café, whom she had met when she was a young runaway.

There were also some interesting flashbacks of young Georgia’s life and how she took on dangerous jobs, such as running an underground casino ring, in order to provide for her daughter. It was also nice to see young Georgia and Zion’s life and how they raised Ginny together.

“Ginny and Georgia” keeps viewers guessing if Georgia and her family will finally settle down in Wellsbury or if they will continue moving from town to town. The show is available to watch on Netflix.

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