CSI Film Festival 2021

All the information you need about this virtual event.

By: Carlos Glick

Film reels & camera. Photo credit:

 This year, the College of Staten Island Film Festival will take place online from May 19-May 26 and will feature work from different students here at CSI in films they have shot and would like to show for the festival. I interviewed Mitchell Lovell, who works in the Media Culture department, and got more information about the event itself.

“The College of Staten Island Student Film Festival is an annual event where we just celebrate all the hard work or not so hard work that students put into their film projects in mainly the Cinema Production courses.” Lovell says. 

Lovell goes on and says “Every year, we get about 25 or so submissions and we get to show about 20 of them, the top 20 and we invite people to watch it to get their feedback and to even vote on which films deserve to win awards. So, ultimately, it is a competition, like many film festivals are, but it’s also about getting students showing their work to audiences, and getting to see what the students have been up to.

Lovell continues on by saying “The CSI Student Film Festival will be an online event that will take place which will have a program that starts Wednesday, the 19th through Wednesday the 26th  but the big day will be Monday, May 24th

Lovell continues, “On this day, we are going to have a live streaming of all of the selected films and everybody will get to join and watch at the same time from their own homes.  Outside of that day, the film will be available to watch on our website at any time within that week, and there might be some other events that may happen within that week.”

For those who want to submit, Lovell says the deadline will be the 17th of May. Lovell goes on by saying, “If you have work, submit it as soon as the website starts accepting applications. It will give you a better chance for your film to be accepted. It will also give us a better chance at promoting the event as well once we know what we’re getting.”

“Students are more than welcome to submit drafts. So, they can submit a project and then update their submissions, if they need more time to work on their projects. Starting a couple years ago, we started accepting submissions from all students, not just Cinema Production students. 

We tend not to get many, but we’re hoping to get more work from students who may be creating video content because we know that we are living in a space now where everybody can be a video creator and we want to see your work even if you’re not taking production classes. 

And with that in mind, we are also accepting social media posts as submissions. So, if you create content in an unconventional way to be on TikTok and/or Instagram.” 

She goes on to say “This is called “new media” and we want to see your work and we think that there’s a spot to show these … within the other short film projects, so I encourage everybody to share their funny, insightful and woke social media videos because it’s going to help our show be even better.”

The College of Staten Island’s Student Film Festival has been a tradition for many years, and we hope you can join us in celebrating the student’s progression of films they worked on throughout the past year. 

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