Humans of CSI

From College Student to Start Up Business Co-Founder

As the pandemic struck, CSI student Taylor McGuire started a business for a talent agency. 

By: Meghan Lynch

Taylor McGuire aspires to work for a record labels a publicist for independent artist.  Photo Credit: Taylor McGuire

Every morning after Taylor McGuire has her everything bagel and Cafe Americano, McGuire helps an independent music artist go viral.

Inspired by friend Nicolas Liddle, McGuire has wanted to be in the music industry since age 14. Liddle wanted to create a business in the industry and attend a lot of live concerts.McGuire got her foot into the industry, beginning an assistant role for a Latin music artist. Together in 2019, they formed a startup public relations business called Elite Talent Agency.

McGuire’s logo for start up talent agency, Elite Talent Agency. Photo Credit: Taylor McGuire

Due to COVID, many artists have not had the opportunity to promote their music through live shows and tours. McGuire comes through and promotes these artists through social media. According to a study by Stanford University, the chances of an artist’s content becoming viral is less than one percent.

“It’s been super hard to promote independent artists since our main way was through live shows to gain fans,” said McGuire. “Now, we have to focus on Twitter and Instagram marketing while trying to get big on Spotify.”

McGuire’s talent agency has a roster of independent artists. There have been many obstacles promoting artists throughout this pandemic, such as budget and social media’s algorithm. To overcome these difficulties, McGuire points the agency’s artists in the right direction.

“We try to tell our roster to do Instagram lives, tweet often, and utilize Tik-Tok,” said McGuire. “Tik-Tok is the one app that everyone is trying to make it big on since it’s a lot easier to get yourself out there.”

McGuire found a few ways to get around the social media algorithm because it is a formula to figure it out. McGuire starts looking at the roster’s demographics.

Taylor McGuire on a laptop preparing to work on one of her artists social media. Photo Credit: Taylor McGuire

“Usually, a week or two before a release, I try to get an idea on who’s listening in from where and try to create a social media calendar,” said McGuire. “What time to post a teaser photo or the perfect time to post a story or a Tik-Tok so most people see it within that time frame.”

After McGuire graduates, the plan is to move to Los Angeles, CA to become a publicist for independent music artists. McGuire’s goal is to work for a major label.

“I’m a publicist for a few indie artists,” said McGuire. “Now to get my foot in the door but my main plan is to move out to LA and work full-time for a label!”

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