Canelo Keeps on Taking Titles!

Saul Alvarez defeats Billy Joe Saunders for the WBO super middleweight belt

By: Emmanuel Mendez

Picture One Canelo Keeps on Taking Titles

Canelo celebrates the win with his trainer Eddy Reynoso. Credit:

On May 8th, 2021, the Mexican Boxing superstar, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, defeated the British southpaw boxer, Billy Joe Saunders. It took place at the AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas with 73,126 fans in attendance. 

The bout was anticipated by many boxing fans because of Saunders being undefeated and challenging Canelo for a while. Saunders got the fight he wanted but not the result he was looking for. He wasn’t able to defend his title.

Saunders kept warning Canelo about his southpaw boxing skills and how he could surprise him with a hook, but Canelo was looking comfortable at the start of the fight. In Round One, Saunders looked to be awkward but was landing punches. 

Canelo was using good head movement and avoided big shots from Saunders. Canelo would use his power to surprise Saunders. 

Two judges gave Canelo the round and one gave it to Saunders.

Round Two was another round of Canelo showing off his defensive skills by avoiding any dangerous shots. Once again, Canelo was going for somebody’s shots and looking for the uppercuts. 

Canelo shots were powerful and kept catching Saunders in the head. All judges gave that round to Canelo. 

Round Three showed Canelo`s fast hands and caught Saunders in the neck. His powerful shots were helping him win the fight. Saunders had trouble avoiding some of Canelo’s punches but also did well not going down. It was another round that went to Canelo.

Round Four showed the same trend in Canelo getting more points and punches on Saunders. Saunders dodged some dangerous punches coming to him and his movement was getting better. 

Canelo realized this change and kept insisting on the uppercuts. Canelo uppercuts Saunders perfectly but the British boxer wasn’t rocked. 

It was a clean uppercut that could’ve ended the fight. Canelo was winning the fight comfortably because it was another round won by part of the Mexican.

Round Five was very different and Saunders got confidence after surprising Canelo with a few shots of his own. Saunders caught Canelo with good jabs and also hit him with a left hook. 

Saunders was now comfortable, and it was a great round for Saunders. He needed to win a round soon and he responded well in that one. 

All judges gave that round for Saunders.

That confidence was prolonged in the sixth round. Saunders at the beginning of the round was quicker in reacting which included punches and dodging.

 Canelo hit Saunders at the end of the round, and it was the closest round to calling. Besides that, all the judges scored Canelo winning the round.

Saunders and Canelo were both looking to score points in the seventh round. Saunders was desperate to score more because he was losing the fight, but the past two rounds have been somewhat positive. Two judges scored it for Canelo, and one was scored for Saunders.

Round 8 was the Canelo ended Saunders and the final round of the fight. Canelo was missing some power punches and Saunders was using different angles to surprise him. 

The uppercuts Canelo was using the whole fight were used in perfection. Canelo used it again after he uppercut Saunders at the eye.

 That uppercut stunned Saunders and it gave him a black eye. Canelo was taunting Saunders and was continuing to look for a killer punch to knock Saunders out, but Saunders kept clinching. 

The round ended and the fight ended. Canelo`s uppercut on Saunders’s eye was enough and Canelo wins by TKO. 

Saunders couldn’t open his eye and his trainer did not let him continue the fight. That shot Canelo is the unified Super middleweight champion of the world.  

Canelo plans to fight Caleb Plant next who has the IBF super-middleweight title.

Picture Two Canelo Keeps on Taking Titles

Canelo`s uppercut on Saunders was the powerful punch to win the fight. Credit:

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