“All American” Season 3 Ends with High Stakes!

Spencer plays against his former team and his friends experience trouble in the final episodes of season 3. (SPOILER WARNING!)

By: Emmanuel Mendez

All American Season 4 premieres October 25th on CW. Credit:

 After the hiatus the cast of “All American” took after episode 8, Season 3 has finally concluded. The audience has been left in awe in the aftermath of the season. The last episode of Season 3 is bewildering and many fans are worried about the fates of  their favorite characters.

Here is recap of the first part of the season and a description of the premise of the show: “All American” Season 3 has Brought More Conflicts for Spencer James and Company – The Banner Newspaper 

Season 3 (Part 2) Recap:

           Episode 9: After the car crash Olivia and Spencer were involved in, they managed to avoid any serious punishment because the car was registered to Olivia’s mother, the District Attorney (D.A) of Beverly Hills, Laura Baker. It was later discovered that Olivia is back to her drinking addiction and needs help. 

           Episode 10: Olivia visits a counseling center to talk about her addiction, but she is having trouble accepting her problems. Spencer, on the other hand, concentrates on his homecoming game and embraces his father’s legacy at Crenshaw High.

Jordan suffers a big impact at his homecoming game which leads him to be hospitalized. In the hospital, it’s revealed to the parents of Jordan that he and Simone are married. The doctor predicts Jordan won’t be able to play football for his senior year.

           Episode 11: A video of a young black female named Tamika Pratt getting shot by the police has led to protest and support for the Pratt family. This affects Olivia deeply and she wants to know more information, but Laura cannot discuss the case. Olivia demands justice for Tamika and releases footage of the incident.

           Episode 12: The justice for the Tamika movement is strong and there is pressure on everyone to give attention to this case. Laura experiences backlash because Olivia posted the video of the incident. 

Spencer and the Crenshaw Chargers have a decisive game to play to qualify for playoffs. They decide to protest and forfeit the match to protest police brutality. 

The other team does the same and the game is canceled. Jordan pleads with Spencer to help him train to get match fit but it’s a big risk because of the doctor’s recommendation to rest. Spencer agrees to help Jordan.

           Episode 13: Billy plans to make a scrimmage that includes scouts watching the players after forfeiting the season. Grace James receives her diploma, which leads to Spencer planning a party for her. 

Some people in Beverly Hills defend the cops and oppose Olivia’s beliefs. An old friend of Layla, Carrie, comes back from the treatment center and asks to stay at her home. 

           Episode 14: Olivia asks her mother to forgive her because of the backlash she received. Laura quits her job as D.A. and decides to explore other ways to find justice for Tamika. 

Carrie gets more comfortable with Layla`s company and hopes to stay longer at Layla’s home. Spencer gets offered a full scholarship to Toledo State University after a great performance in a Crenshaw game. 

           Episode 15: Olivia plans a best friends night with Layla, but Carrie joins alongside and makes the interactions awkward. Laura and Grace meet to find peace but have an encounter with Denise. 

They have a girls’ night out and drink away. Billy and Principal Carter do the same and start bonding after numerous conflicts. Spencer and Frausto do the same in this episode of coming together. 

Billy and Laura get back together and there’s a new romance between Grace and Carter. 

           Episode 16: Coop’s girlfriend Patience plans a Friendsgiving which includes Spencer, Coop, and Layla; they interact after all the problems they had recently. Carrie becomes too overprotective of Layla and the crew realizes something isn’t right with Carrie. 

Coop and Spencer settle a truce, return to becoming close, and apologize to one another.

           Episode 17 “All American Homecoming:” In a special episode, Spencer, Olivia, Jordan, and Simone go visit Bringston University. It leads to the spinoff, starring Simeone and baseball prodigy, Damon Sims. 

Simone falls in love with the campus and the school itself. She wants to apply there, and Jordan is willing to follow her. Spencer and Olivia get closer and agree to be in a relationship.

           Episode 18: Simone and Jordan are getting married, and their plans are in preparation. Spencer finds out Grace and Carter are together and takes the news badly. 

The wedding gets canceled because Jordan and Simone believe it’s too early to get married. Billy and Laura are officially back together. 

Carrie once again acts overprotective and Layla contacts Carrie`s mother to come to see her. Carter tells Billy and Spencer that the board agreed to suspend magnet conversion plans for South Crenshaw, which is great news for Spencer and everyone in the community. 

           Episode 19: Spencer is invited to the All-American game which is a huge accomplishment that Spence has been working to achieve. Asher gets a call from a university offering a scholarship. 

Crenshaw and Beverly Hills prepare for their State Final as they play each other. Carrie gets angry when Layla tells her she called her family. 

Spencer tells Billy the truth about Jordan’s training during his recovery. Billy is angry and disappointed in Spencer and Jordan. 

Coop is getting ready for a tour but won’t be with Preach. Before the state championship game, tensions flare as both teams get into a brawl. 

Jordan and Spencer fight each other as well as J.J. and Frausto. The game is at risk to get canceled but both Coach Billy and Coach Montes agree to lie so that the game goes on. 

Asher gets informed by his father that he has cardiomyopathy, a rare heart disease. Carrie is planning to kidnap Layla and has no intention to let Layla go. 

The cliffhanger that had everyone in disbelief is the encounter between Coop and Mo. Mo shoots Coop and Preach shoots Mo. Mo is hurt but so is Coop, and there is a possibility that Coop might end up dying from a gunshot wound. 

Talk about a way to end the season!

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