The Disastrous Final Season of “On My Block”

The WORST Season of “On My Block” (Spoilers Included)

By: Huma Ahmad

Photo Credit: whats-on-netflix.com 
Photo Caption: “On My Block” is back on Netflix with Season 4

Oh my God, what was that?! The new season of “On My Block” was the messiest season of all time. We all expected season 4 to be an amazing last season, especially since it took the directors a long time to film the season. 

However, our wish was turned into a nightmare. Everything ended up being so rushed that it didn’t feel as if the cast was comfortably acting in their roles.  

The awkward stance that César is in and the entire personality change of Jamal, makes us cringe in our seats rather than cling to our seats with excitement. The other seasons of “On My Block” weren’t so bad; what made season 4 not as impressive was its low quality and horrible ending.  

The season first starts by showing how life is for all of the main characters after they are separated for unknown reasons, (which was revealed at the end of season 3). When the unknown explanations are given to the viewers, it makes them confused about what happened and why it even happened in the first place. 

Instead of starting off the season with the story of how they got separated, it is later revealed with vague flashbacks from each character. 

Watchers may also feel uncomfortable about why Jamal and Ruby even are major rivals without knowing why; this begins the season in an uneasy situation.

You would think that the beginning was horrible so it can’t really get worse, but no, it does. 

There are unnecessary deaths of important characters in the last season such as Oscar and Abuela. And just after everything seems to be going well with César planning to leave the gang and start a future for himself, just like Oscar wanted, Oscar gets shot by one of the other rival gang members.  

When Oscar dies, his pregnant wife gives César his ashes and there is an entire episode of  César having a mental breakdown about where he wants to throw the ashes. This episode is probably one of the worst episodes of the entire season because the important ceremony of dispersing Oscar’s ashes to a final resting place, turns into an episode full of jokes and carelessness. 

Ruby, Jamal, and Monse ruin this crucial moment in César’s life by complaining about how long it will take to find the perfect place to put Oscar’s ashes. This underscores the depth and quality of their friendship or the lack thereof, and it is clear that it wasn’t as strong as it seemed compared to season 1. 

Additionally, we learn that Abuela has cancer and she doesn’t have much time to live. This can be shocking since this would be the second death in this one season. 

When Abuela is discharged after the first time she was sent to the hospital, her release gives the viewer false hope that the season might actually end on a happy note. However, that is the total opposite of what happens. 

Season 4 finally ends off with Monse, Ruby, Jamal, and César finally being friends again.  But, the ending is strange because they end off the season by celebrating Abuela’s death as that was one of her wishes. 

It’s nice to see that they followed her wishes, but it also seemed like a laughing-stock matter, like how it was when Oscar passed away.  

Even though the friend group is finally united, the season ends with Monse and César still not together as a couple, and Jamal finding another RollerWorld opportunity. It seems as if the director decides to pull all the cliffhangers of last season into the final episode of “On My Block,” which doesn’t make sense at all. 

Fans aren’t going to be happy watching how it all ends, because it never really does end.

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