Can’t Stop Our Crying it’s the Love on Tour

Fine Line Live: As Seen by Angelina Salvador and Gabriell Kleydman

By: Angelina Salvador & Gabriell Kleydman

Harry Styles Love on Tour at MSG. Angelina Salvador

The long awaited day was finally here! We were ecstatic as we were on our way to see Harry Styles perform his Fine Line album for his Love on Tour tour.

These tickets came out around two years ago and my oh my they were coveted. Fans were at the front door of Madison Square Garden asking around for any spare tickets (we’re pretty sure there weren’t any to get around).

The tour initially started nearly two months ago in the MGM Grand Vegas venue on September 4th, and every show on his list is sold out.

Harry will be performing in Madison Square Garden a total of five times: October 3rd, 4th, 16th, and then the 30th and 31st which will be Harryween themed shows. We were lucky enough to somehow get tickets with our friends for the show on the 16th when they came out around two years ago.

The actual album, Fine Line, came out December 13th 2019, so all of his fans were definitely left waiting anxiously for two years. Angelina wrote an in-depth article analyzing his entire album which can be seen here.

Jenny Lewis is Harry’s opener for most of the tour, and will be opening all five concerts in Madison Square Garden. We genuinely weren’t fans of her setlist… none of the songs stood out in any way and truthfully, she was kind of forgettable. Harry! Put more thought into your openers please!

Also can Harry please do something about his merch? Maybe get a new team of designers? 

Can you please stop combining your openers with your merch? Truthfully, we really don’t appreciate seeing Jenny’s BUNNIES on your clothing.

Is it really just a matter of money? It’s slowly starting to feel like the artist’s concert merch is becoming more and more unrelated to what the album represents, especially Fine Line in this case.

Love on Tour Set List. Captial FM.

Styles’ setlist was filled with songs from his self-titled album and Fine Line. Although he had performed all of his hits and everything in between, he rearranged and mixed Watermelon Sugar (thanks to him, he had us sing the majority of the song) and Adore You. 

What Makes You Beautiful also made an iconic appearance, One Direction’s first ever single. Although some Harries and most Directioners loved it, we were sick of it. 

Why not What a Feeling? Or another Fleetwood Mac song like he did on his first tour? 

The energy was immaculate. From Harry, his band, all the Harries that dressed alike in Styles’ aesthetic. MSG was literally shaking, and that was one of many things that made our first concert back in a few years memorable for years to come.

Harry knows how to put on a show and a great outfit for every concert on tour. But MSG night three’s outfit was just boring, even though it was still sexy. There’s no denying the amount of positive vibes Harry gives at every single concert!

Harry perfomring Sign of The Times at MSG. Angelina Salvador.

Harry will be returning to perform at the newly built UBS Arena in Long Island to finish off his Love on Tour. He just loves New York City so much he couldn’t bear to finish his tour in Los Angeles is what it seems like…

New York fans are absolutely ecstatic, and his tickets for this last concert will come out in just a few short days. They will definitely sell out in seconds, so get your hands on the very last concert that Harry will have for Love on Tour!

It surely will be a Fine Line.

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