Women’s Soccer is the Bright Future of CSI

In the midst of a 2021 fall season, CSI’s head coach looks for new stellar players

By: Philip Clinton

Soccer is a part of the D2 division at CSI. It is one of the many sports at CSI recognized as a D2 sport.

CSI’s women’s soccer is currently in the middle of a 3-10-1 season yet, first year head coach Brendan Guzman has already begun to look for strikers who can provide the team with the ability to achieve their overarching goal. In his scouting, Guzman has sought out girls from High Schools in Staten Island, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, all he looks for are girls who are going to make his team the top college soccer program in the city. 

“Recruiting is about building relationships,” said Guzman. “Teaching what to do after soccer ends is important for me.”

Nine athletic scholarships per season are rewarded to girls who show talent in athletics as well as academics. Girls from high schools in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania make the decision to continue their soccer career at CSI. 

The recruiting process gives players and coaches a chance to see if a girl they’re scouting has the qualities to be not just a good player but a good teammate to those around her. 

The women’s soccer team has faced many challenges throughout the season but coach Guzman does not have any worries for what his team will accomplish in the future. 

“I think we have the right qualities to rise to the top,” said Guzman. “But it doesn’t come without trusting the process.” 

One of the main qualities that Guzman looks for when scouting an athlete is that the individual possess qualities that are required for success both on and off the field. 

An athlete who has been scouted by Guzman is Tottenville High School senior Emily Schuler, who is one of three captains on her high school team; and a key addition for CSI’s team heading into the 2022 season. Schuler, who recently finished her last regular season game in high school, looks forward to future success on the soccer fields with CSI.

Emily Schuler, 16, has worked her whole life for an opportunity to showcase her skills. Now ending her High School soccer career, she prepares for the next journey in her career

“I was not sure if CSI would still be interested in recruiting me,” said Schuler. “When the new coach Brendan reached out to me it did take me a little bit by surprise.” Playing soccer on a higher level has always been a dream for Schuler, and now that this is finally in her grasp she is determined to train as best as she can and work hard. 

Schuler joined Tottenville’s team in 2018, for four years straight, she has proved to her coaches that she has leadership skills as well as a passion for the sport. 

For skill to be achieved, there is a certain work ethic that goes into a player’s routine to ensure they become the best they can possibly be. A typical day for the team includes waking up everyday at 4:30 AM and grinding out a 6 AM practice before an early morning class.

Playing for CSI requires both physical and mental strength, something that Guzman holds to a very high standard when scouting high school seniors. Schuler is mentally invested in the quality of her play as her number 22 is a driving force for her effort; 22 was the number of her late cousin who passed away after a battle with cancer, everytime Schuler puts on her jersey, she plays to make her cousin proud. 

Guzman knows that the main goals in mind will take time, but understands that when the team reaches their aspirations, it will come along with a feeling of excitement, joy, and accomplishment for all the hard work and dedication that they put forward.

“We’re not here to take part, we’re here to take value,” said Guzman. “I want a team that’s ready to take over.”

Schuler, runs after a ball going out of his bounds during the game. Schuler has been known for her drive and motivation during games.

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