Russia Threatens Ukraine

Gradually Russia Has Been Using Military Tactic To Threaten Ukraine

By: Kylie Hapuarachchi

Newsweek | A war is brewing in Eastern Europe.

The conflict that once began in 2014, has still continued throughout all of these years. In the past 8 years the situation between Ukraine and Russia has only intensified. 

In 2013, the conflict began in Ukraine with protests in Kiev, which were against the Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych’s proposal in which he would be rejecting the deal to join the European Union which would be beneficial economically for the people. 

Due to the violence that was pursued after the initial protests, there became a greater force of people that began to protest. This led to the eventual fleeing of President Yanukovych in 2014. 

Russia began their descent into Ukraine in 2014, after the failed attempts at peace between President Yanukovych and the people of Ukraine. 

Soon after Russia took over the Crimean region of Ukraine and essentially annexed it when the people voted to be a part of the Russian Federation. 

Now, in 2022, there is still talks about the possible invasion of Russia into Ukraine. The only issue this time is the US will now be involved since the country is a direct ally of Ukraine. 

Russia would like for NATO to not give membership to Ukraine because that membership would ensure that 30 other nations are willing to fight for Ukraine. 

The issue stems with the eerily similar facts that may lead to another potential world war. Germany has tried to have an off stance when directly intervening between the two feuding countries. 

Germany believes that they will not support by sending any type of weapons to Ukraine. They will only provide medical aid to the country along with helmets. 

However, many disagree with this due to the fact that they believe that Germany owes Ukraine a lot especially after World War II in which Germany occupied Ukraine from 1941 to 1942. 

Unlike Germany, the US has already sent about 8,000 troops to the border in case of the potential invasion by Russian troops. With that they have also sent equipment and ammunition as part of their security detailed assistance worth $200 million.  

President Biden remarks that if Russia decides to break the diplomacy that there will be severe consequences following the attacks. 

Another issue that may come to mind is the idea that there are nuclear weapons that countries are in control of. 

The US does not contain the large stockpile of nuclear weapons they had once a hold of. The usage of these nuclear weapons can lead to a severity of many issues. Including the fact that a single nuclear weapon can decimate cities and millions of people. 

The future of the countries is uncertain considering that there are many things to look forward to. There is a war brewing and it is not just between Ukraine and Russia. 

With one single swift moment the war between two nations will lead to an all out world war due to the factors that there are nations allied with one another. 

An act of war on Ukraine will make it an act of war on the US which indefinitely will bring other nations beckoning to pick sides. 

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine needs to cease in order to prevent the possibilities of what can happen. 

The what ifs beacon a future that is uncertain for many people. With the US’s alliance with Ukraine it automatically makes the country at direct war with Russia as well. A conflict that started about 8 years ago continues and has hit a breaking point.

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