“iCarly” Season 2 Out Now on Paramount Plus

The reboot of the hit Nickelodeon show returns with another season for fans.

By: Carlos Glick | The iconic cast of the “iCarly” revival is featured in Paramount’s promotional poster.

On April 8, 2022, the second season of the “iCarly” reboot came out on Paramount Plus and it looks so cool. 

As of April 22, 2022, four episodes have been released for the second season. 

So far, in season 2 alone, we have seen a variety of returning characters from the original “iCarly” show, which ran from 2007-2012. A few faces familiar to fans have included Lewbert Sline (played by Jeremy Rowly), Guppy Gibson (played by Ethan Munck), Chuck Chambers (played by Ryan Ochoa) and Granddad Shay (played by Greg Mullavey). 

In the trailer for Season 2, viewers received a glimpse at another Nickelodeon veteran, who did not appear in the original “iCarly” series: Josh Peck. After starring alongside Miranda Cosgrove in the hit series, “Drake and Josh”, in which Cosgrove played his twisted little sister, Megan, the two are sharing the screen once more.

The first four episodes that aired so far on Paramount Plus have been spectacular. As previously mentioned, we have seen cast members from the original “iCarly” and their personalities from the original show have not changed. 

Potential spoilers may lay ahead, but to offer an example: in season 2, episode 2 titled “iObject, Lewbert!”, we see a totally new handsome, good looking, more mature Lewbert, who appears to have changed a lot at the start of the episode. In some ways, he has, but as the episode progresses, he slowly reverts back to his old personality.

Season 2 is a direct continuation of Season 1 and from what we’ve watched so far, it is effectively moving the story of these childhood characters forward. 

In the very first episode of “iCarly,” we saw more of a glimpse of what “Creddie” could be like as Carly and Freddie explored more of their friendship. In some ways, Carly and Freddie are like D.J. Tanner and Steve Hale (played by Candace Cameron Bure and Scott Weinger) from “Full House” (1987-1995) and its reboot “Fuller House” (2016-2020). Those two iconic characters evolved from friends to lovers in “Full House” and then eventually got engaged at the very end of “Fuller House”. 

Carly and Freddie resemble the relationship of D.J. and Steve in a lot of ways. Firstly, both couples have met in school. Although D.J. and Steve did not make a web show together, Carly and Freddie have, which strengthened their bond. 

In an article titled “iCarly Season 2 Made A Strong Change From The Original Show” by Marcelo Leite, Leite says, “one similarity with the original show is the episodic nature of the story. Each ‘iCarly’ episode is like an adventure within itself. For example, the ‘iCarly’ Season 2 premiere was about Freddie and Carly’s relationship.”

“Essentially, ‘iCarly’ Season 2 once again sets itself apart from the original show by dealing with much more mature topics,” said Leite.

In Episode 4, for example, titled “iHire a New Assistant”, one character claimed that the three of them should settle something. Freddie automatically assumed that they had been referring to the idea of having a threesome, which was totally not the case. 

“The ‘iCarly’ reboot, since Season 1, has been making changes from the original, but Season 2 just made the most significant one so far. ‘I’m Wild and Crazy’ is a reminder that the character’s audiences have been following for so long are still there, but now they’re all adults. 

That said, despite being older now, the iCarly characters still very much have their same, well-known personalities,” said Leite. 

If you enjoyed Season 1, you will definitely enjoy Season 2. You can catch “iCarly” on Paramount Plus. The streaming service releases a new episode every Friday. 

To the fans of the original: go watch it! You will love it! 

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