The Inheritance Games” Lives On, Other Hit Novels Take it to the Big Screen 

Barnes’ hit series comes with a new announcement, while more beloved titles sharing the spotlight with “The Inheritance Games” receive on-screen adaptations.

by Gianna Liantonio

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The fabulous new cover for “The Brothers Hawthorne” has been revealed. 

Following the weeks of the release of “The Final Gambit” by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, we were all

deeply saddened to say goodbye to Avery, the Hawthorne Brothers, and their crazy adventures. 

However, Barnes recently announced a new book that continues the hit series! The book is titled “The Brothers Hawthorne” and will be available on August 29, 2023.

The story will follow the brothers and Avery on new adventures, where we will find out more

about the brother’s fathers that were scarcely mentioned in the series. Readers met Xander’s

father in “The Final Gambit”, but only discovered the names of the other three. 

The book highlights Grayson Hawthorne, as he finds out his half sisters are in trouble and he must help them.

Jameson Hawthorne never backs down from a challenge, so when his previously unknown

father appears to request his help, he decides to assist him. He must go to London’s most

exclusive gambling club and solve one looming mystery. 

As both brothers are solving mysteries on opposite sides of the world, there remains one question: who will win? Readers know that the brothers love competition as much as mysteries. 

With the help of their other brothers and Avery, they will solve yet another mystery. Fans are excited to return to the world of Hawthornes.

This announcement came as a shock to many, as it was widely believed that the series was officially over. 

However, Barnes did leave the last book open-ended, which left more opportunities to explore the world of “The Inheritance Games” if she wished. 

At the end of the series, Avery receives her inheritance and decides to create a foundation in

honor of her mother who died. She creates a series of challenges for the public to play and whoever wins will get  “life-changing prize money.”

Avery will still use her inheritance for school and travel, but her decision maintains the one

thing that brought her and the Hawthorne brothers together: puzzles to solve. 

In addition to a new novel, it has just been announced that “The Inheritance Games” will

become a TV series. Readers will be glad to see Avery and the Hawthorne brothers come to life.

As for the rest of the book world, many hit novels have recently been taken on for on-screen adaptations.

“It Ends With Us” by Colleen Hoover is in production to become a movie. It will

be directed by Justin Baldoni who has directed many well-known movies such as “Five Feet Apart” and “Clouds.” 

This story follows a woman named Lily who moves to Boston to open up a flower

shop, which has always been her lifelong dream. She then meets Ryle: a mysterious

neurosurgeon with a past he doesn’t want revealed and a strict rule of no dating. 

“It Ends With Us” encompasses Lily’s life as she falls in love, gets heartbroken and finds herself. Hoover has stated that the book was inspired by her mother’s story.

“A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder” by Holly Jackson is also set to become a new series on Amazon Prime. 

The novel centers on Pippa, who, for her capstone project, is tasked with proving the innocence of a local boy who allegedly murdered his girlfriend. She works with his brother Ravi and together, they try to connect the dots and find out the real culprit.

“The Love Hypothesis” by Ali Hazelwood will be adapted into a movie as well. 

In the best-selling novel, Olive is a grad student who is constantly conducting experiments and forming hypotheses. When she tries to convince her friend that she doesn’t like a certain boy anymore, she resorts to kissing Adam Carlsen, the rudest professor at the college.

They agree to a fake date, to prove to Olive’s friend that she has moved on, but over time, Olive and Adam’s feelings develop into something more.

In other news, Season two of “The Summer I turned Pretty” is already being filmed and is set to release on Amazon Prime this summer. 

With a new book announcement and many new book-to-film adaptations on the horizon, next year is sure to be filled with excitement for readers. 

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