What Should You Get Your Lady This Holiday Season?

With products galore and the never-ending social media trends, choosing a gift is hard—the students of CSI are here to tell us what’s on their list to give gift inspiration for a successful and fun-filled festive season (including prices, of course.) 

By E. Perrone

“Ask for gifts that will become part of your daily routine,” said Skyla Caraballo, shown here. “It’ll make it worthwhile for both you and the person who got it for you!” 

From rain boots to Converse, and perfume to gold hoop earrings, the women of CSI are letting us know their list of gifts this upcoming holiday season.

Boyfriends, best friends, girlfriends, and all, get ready to start saving your money to keep the women in your life content with these top current favorites! 

On average, according to The Pricer, people normally spend about $850 on Christmas presents. 

According to Insider, you should only spend around $50 on your girlfriend if you’ve been dating less than a year—anything more than that, you can spend $100. 

This list will help navigate how much you’d like to be spending this year by providing gift ideas.  

“My boyfriend typically gets me at least one thing from my list for Christmas,” said Anika Rywkin, a senior at CSI. “It’s decently priced, but we’ve been together for 4 years.”  

Rywkin has already made her list for this year; she’s asking for perfume and clothes. More specifically, she’s asking for a Marc Jacobs perfume: Marc Jacobs’ Daisy.  

A favorite in the perfume world, Daisy by Marc Jacobs is a well-loved scent without being overly priced. The fruity and floral smell stands at $120 on Sephora’s website.  

“If you’re looking for a great smelling perfume without spending loads of money, Marc Jacobs has great options,” said Rywkin. “This is one of my favorite scents that I feel a lot of people would enjoy.” 

Skyla Caraballo, another senior at CSI, is asking for several items this holiday season, but her top two choices are rain boots and earrings. She is asking for the short Hunter Original Rain Boots in black, which are priced around $95-$115, depending on the site you’re on. 

Caraballo is also hoping for gold hoop earrings, something she’s excited to wear.  

“I asked for real gold jewelry as an investment piece to have with me for a long time,” said Caraballo. “Gold hoops are also a staple piece that you can wear with several outfits, making it a versatile option for many people.”  

The price of gold hoops vastly depends on where you are purchasing them from, and which pair you’re looking at. Check out websites like, where small businesses make their own product and price, so you save money, keep your woman happy, and your wallet full. 

Items like rainboots, perfume, and gold hoop earrings are all logical gift ideas. Having stylish boots to keep you dry in dreary weather, long-lasting perfume to keep you smelling good, and shiny gold earrings to keep you sparkling are gifts that are fun to receive but can also be used daily so you can be sure to get your money’s worth. 

Pristina Vallecillo, a freshman, is hoping to receive some platform Converse sneakers. Lately, the trend has been platform shoes with flared leggings (which you can find at American Eagle for around $40!).

The platform sneaker is $75 on the Converse website.  

“I’ve wanted these Converse for a while,” said Vallecillo. “They’re simple yet cute, go with every outfit, and add a little extra height which I like, without being crazy expensive.”  

There are plenty more out there, but some honorable mentions floating around TikTok are the Revlon Hot Air Brush ($38), Dior Lip Oil ($38), and the Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Body Cream ($48).  

Whether your budget is $50, or $100, these gift ideas are here to help guide you through the holiday season, so you know how to please the women in your life. 

“I’d be happy with anything my boyfriend got me,” said Rywkin. “But making a list is part of the fun and gives me extra ideas for next year!” 

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