Queer Studies Was Not Available This Semester. But It Should Have Been.

Promote tolerance and acceptance both for and within the LGBTQ+ community. 

By K.M. D’Ambrosio

When attempting to create my spring 2023 semester schedule in October, I discovered that the only Queer Studies class available was held late on Tuesday nights.

After checking again, weeks into the current semester, the Queer Studies class WGS 368 was listed as not scheduled. The focus of the course is the LGBTQ+ community: the history and definitions that coincide with it and the effects it has on the world. 

The knowledge that this type of course provides is beneficial for members of the community. It allows them a space where they can further their understanding of topics and history that they might have already been exposed to, but have not had the opportunity to explore.

This class can also help to normalize the Queer community to those who are struggling with acceptance. 

Exposing people to the themes presented in this course allows for connections to form between the topics and those who do not personally relate to them. This, in turn, fosters better understanding within the world.

Seeing the benefits that can extend from Queer Studies, it makes sense that it would be a positive course to have at CSI. However, there are some changes that can be made to ensure that it reaches as many students as possible.

Since the class was only available on Tuesday nights, I was unable to take it due to a conflict in my schedule. 

Many students plan their schedules in a way that places their classes close together; this way, they do not have to remain on campus longer than necessary. They may not be willing to wait or attend a class that occurs late at night, especially those who have a lengthy commute.

For this to be as effective as possible, classes would have to be held on multiple days and times.

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