Too Many Students Remain Unaware of CSI’s Services

With no notices whatsoever, many students remain oblivious about useful and important services provided by CSI.

By A.Lopez

During my freshman year in 2019, I remember coming into campus as a psychology major for the orientation provided for incoming first year students. 

In the auditoriums inside Building 1P, the staff gave us a rundown of CSI, its campus, its staff, and seemingly everything we should know. I was left impressed as to just how many services the school provided its students, at no extra charge past tuition.

Though since then, I’ve learned of far more important services that were left out of the presentation at orientation—not on purpose, but for whatever reason, were omitted. After many conversations with those in my same year, and those who came after, I have discovered that they also have no knowledge of services like free counseling.

Many brought this onto themselves, as a few admit to not going to the orientation, and thus don’t know any services. However, with the days of the pandemic cutting into classes, many also have not gotten the chance to even see what the school has to offer, or even look like, before being thrusted into in-person classes once more. 

So considering all that, outside of orientation, is CSI doing anything to let students know what is available to them?

In short, no. At least not much in terms of notices. 

Of course all these services are listed on CSI’s website, but let’s be honest and ask: How often does any student actually look at said website?

The website does a great job at presenting a basic rundown of provided services, and how to get in contact with staff for bookings, hours, or questions. 

Outside of CUNYfirst though, most students don’t look at any websites affiliated with CSI. It’s a shame that most students, who probably need it, aren’t aware that counseling, something many can’t afford, is available to CSI students, for absolutely no payments at all.

If a student feels as if they are unsafe walking through campus, be it for fear of mugging/assault or wildlife, CSI’s Office of Public Safety can provide students with uniformed escorts to accompany them to their destination—whether it is to their car, classroom, or bus stop.

I highlight these two services as highly important services for students to be familiar with, but alas in practice, many students are oblivious, and thus struggle through school, or feel unsafe.

This can easily be a fixed issue, with no cost to the school.

Every student of CSI is given a Outlook email, and can receive emails from professors or any staff on campus. Students already check emails regularly for emails from their professors with class assignments. 

A simple reminder email to students of the regularly available facilities can greatly impact a student’s experience on campus. Ultimately this cost the school nothing, as mass emails are already something the school sends out to every student.

Flyers or notices posted around high traffic buildings, such as 1C and 1P, may also help to a smaller degree. However, this may not completely fix the issue, past word of mouth, as most students aren’t around these buildings due to schedules, and classes being on the other side of campus.

I think it is very important that students should know of the existence of CSI’s services. Whether they were informed or not, or simply forgot them, I think CSI can greatly affect a student’s overall experience and school life through this knowledge. 

In looking at facilities, I myself have learned of the open gym and recreation sports the school has available to students. If this knowledge were more accessible, imagine how many more students would be physically and mentally healthier on campus.

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