A Journey of Empowerment Through Make-Up

Taylor Freeman’s artistic background now lies on a living and breathing canvas: the human face.

By Klaudia Wiacek

Freeman always carries around a small makeup bag with her day-to-day essentials.  Two of her essentials include a brown lip liner and a clear lip gloss.

Creativity and art have flowed through Taylor Freeman’s life for as long as she can remember. 

They’ve played a big role as they’ve shined through her heart and contributed to a significant passion of hers: makeup.

“I took my drawing talents to makeup,” said Freeman. “I now do styles on my face.”

From childhood, Freeman used drawing as a form of creative expression. 

She learned to draw from her father and describes him as an incredibly talented artist. With his influence, she was able to pick up a variety of artistic skills, and eventually develop and strengthen her very own artistry. 

It paved the way and served as a foundation for her later endeavors within the makeup world, where she would utilize many of the techniques she acquired in art.

At age 13, Freeman took a particular interest to makeup due to an event that occurred in her life: she had experienced bullying from her peers in middle school. The negativity of the bullying caused her to develop insecurities and ultimately fostered a negative self-image. 

“That was the main reason I got into makeup,” said Freeman. “It was a way for me to make myself feel beautiful.”

The events throughout her adolescence caused her to gravitate towards makeup and it made her feel good about herself. 

Later, it served as a stepping stone in growing her own confidence and love within herself as she realized all along, she was beautiful with or without makeup. It was also used as a form of creative expression and passion.

As she got older, she gravitated towards subtle makeup looks and ended up finding her signature one, which is the “the natural no makeup look.” It is a simple and minimal look that embraces her features and beauty, while showcasing her growth in confidence.

Freeman experimented with different makeup looks throughout her life, such as cut creases, cat eyes and various other outgoing styles. 

The art-based techniques that were used in these looks included having steady hands, blending, and shading. They all play a role in the process of putting together a makeup look.

Makeup had the ability to not only utilize her artistic side and skills, but it also helped her combat her hardships, show herself her beauty and spark her confidence. Makeup developed into something that she generally loved doing and continued with throughout her life. 

Not only does she enjoy doing makeup on herself but on others as well. She does makeup looks on her family members, friends and others for various occasions and events.

Practice makes perfect in the makeup world and Freeman advises others who have an interest in beginning makeup to take the process slowly, practice and to get familiar with facial structures. 

Makeup is personal, therefore taking the time to understand your own facial structure and what works best for you is a must. The process is unique to everyone and there is much to learn and discover.

Makeup started off as a hobby and grew into Freeman’s passion, which opened up several more opportunities—from potentially making it a business or utilizing it in a career. There are tons of bright paths ahead in the future and the possibilities are endless, as the journey continues to unfold and Freeman’s talents keep growing. 

“I have a lot of things to learn,” said Freeman. “But being that I’m self-taught and I’ve made it this far showcases my talent.”

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