Creative Writing

The Rubik’s Cube

By Klaudia Wiacek

Photo Credit: Tania Tania on Dribbble

The Rubik’s cube, a symbol of complexity and simplicity

A world-renowned problem-solving tool used by millions to fuel our constantly fuming brains

I devote myself to solving problems

Your problem is my problem and mine yours

It has always been like this hasn’t it?

Are you tired yet?


My three-dimensional self poses a problem beyond solving, doesn’t it?

The blueprint for disaster they say

Every dimension filled with bliss

Like a bite into a bittersweet apple

The crunch crushes your mind when attempting to solve

They say that some things are beyond solving

I’m afraid I cannot figure out this combination myself

A combination beyond fixing one would say

You’ve been attempting to crack this code for years with no progress

Peculiar, your resilience entrances me

Are you tired yet?


My problem is yours remember? And yours is mine

 The bond of a lifetime with the strength of a million thumb tacks

I’m afraid the Rubik’s cube can’t solve this

Your curiosity has proven to become fatal with me as the shining object

 You must detach

Slowly back away…

Away from me

Godspeed my love

You’ve grown tired …


The Rubik’s cube has finally destroyed us

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