Creative Writing

Doing This to You, My Love

By Kyle Cicero

Photo Credit: One Piece

Listen to the full song here.

A man’s love and insecurities clash and reveal to him that the woman he loves brings out the best in him even when they aren’t together.  

This is what I does nevermind what I do

Sorry for the excess love I keep (doing this to you)

Never felt a love type like this

I couldn’t miss your touch like a hug (My love)

What’d I do 

Sorry for the excess love I keep (doing this to you)

Never felt a love type like this

I couldn’t miss your touch like a hug

Feeling kind of snug

I’m crazy

We’ve  never conversated telling who we was, sorry I keep (doing this to you)

Although I got a whiff of what’s behind your lipstick like a kiss left an imprint that sealed feels (My Love) Like the intro kind of distant, you’re distinctive

I can pick you out in a crowd full of minxes, you the sphinx and I got an inkling

you were thinking about us sitting down and drinking.

Tell the truth

you like me cause I walk like a kingpin, I can’t stop (doing this to you)

Flattered by your speaking if it does or doesn’t matter

Cant fake what’s really real

Know how I’m doing how’s (My Love)

Can’t really tell based off the fact we could never chat, that’s not the end of that

No ellipses I want to sit under eclipses with us kissing 

Doing this to you my love my heart is gushing, glistening

Finally, got you past the point of listening, what do you see in a soul that’s (doing this to you)

Since it didn’t last 

Since it never passed 

I’ll only tell you how I think we match, whack that I’ve named you my love

A star spangling

Banners pretty foreign like my car

Like I said I’ll stop angling.

I clutch what I love like my inability of managing

Like when I get scarred but still push through these cells, words sting cause they’re damaging

But I write them down and talk to you

Actually walk through you 

Like this beat I saw voodoo

I couldn’t do this to you like the people I love 

Above is my love

Can’t look over various errors and that’s the terror web my people in all together.

Got to take my losses like Yogi Berra

Got to treat my people like losing them starts a brand new endeavor.

When I lose them, my emotions grab my neck and they sever

So I speak to you

through these speakers I’m better.

Quite ironic because the premise is I’ve spoke to you never 

And I hide behind these talkers because I’m shy as well.

Meeting people who offered to make me better,

only speak when I’m centered

Not like my neck, I can’t hold back on that ever

That’s the point of this pressure, kindle a fire under boxers from my dresser

to get me going to you to correct this letter.

We can be us,

“S” on my chest or your sweater, it’s a must that I stay just.

Your touch is a lust I combust,

I’m heating up like primavera so sunblock’s in our clutch. 

My mademoiselle una bella hot like habañera 

Back to what I’m scared of but I roll with the punches through (My Love)

Nevermind what I do

Sorry for the excess love I keep (doing this to you)

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