Stressed About Finals? Here are Some Student-Approved Ways to Cope

The final examination period is approaching and CSI students have their own approaches to getting through the demanding end of the spring 2023 semester.

By Klaudia Wiacek

Photo Credit: Klaudia Wiacek

Implementing different study skills and methods such as taking small and frequent breaks, turning off all electronic distractions, and distributing the material over a course of time can help reduce the stress of final exams.

CSI’s spring 2023 semester comes to a long-awaited end on May 23. The final examination period takes place from May 17-23.

CSI students take careful approaches towards preserving their mental health and well-being. Mellony Oliver, a freshman at CSI who is majoring in drama, incorporates meditation and self-affirmations as a way to relieve stress and pressure.

“Before the final exam, I feel stressed and overwhelmed,” said Oliver. “But thanks to meditation and looking over my notes, and a little bit of self-affirmations, I feel confident.”

Preparing ahead of time allows students to comfortably study and compile their class notes rather than frantically overstressing.

Gina Scaramella, a sophomore majoring in early education, copes by preparing accordingly and organizing her schedule to accommodate the needed study hours.

“I try not to overwhelm myself,” said Scaramella. “And organize my schedule around studying for each exam.”

Implementing a clear and concise study schedule that doesn’t interfere too much with a personal life schedule allows the student to have the time to plan accordingly and organize freely.

Mario Solorzano, a freshman majoring in finance, reviews notes and incorporates exercise to relieve the stress.

“I always like to do a small review of my notes on what I’ve learned,” said Solorzano. “And I like to skim through the PowerPoints my professors leave for me.”

Incorporating frequent exercise into a routine can help boost the good endorphins in the body. It provides stimulation to the heart, body and mind, which relives stress, anxiety and overall improves a person’s psychological wellbeing.

“I like to go for a run along the pear to clear my head,” said Solorzano. “It helps me relieve the stress that I would feel during the final exam period.”

From a recent study published by The National Library of Medicine, the authors Emma Childs and Harriet de Wit  argue that “regular exercise protects against the negative emotional consequences of stress, and suggest that exercise has beneficial effects in healthy individuals.”

Implementing regular physical activity and exercise improves upon concentration, memory, and cognitive performance.

The final examination period doesn’t always go the traditional route, which typically consists of the standard written or oral cumulative exams.

Some professors may choose to either replace final exams with projects instead, or they may choose to completely remove such exams, proceeding with the regular scheduled class assignments.

Rhoda Wilson, a freshman majoring in communications, does not have any final exams this semester but still feels the pressure of them as the air on CSI’s campus remains tense.

“Finals week makes me tense still because even though I don’t have finals, I have projects due,” said Wilson. “Projects that my procrastinating has led to me leaving them last minute and scrambling to finish them all.”

Students’ personal approaches to dealing with final exams sheds light on different ways in making sure that the pressure and stress that is felt does not consume students whole.

The Princeton Review’s article, “How to study for finals”, provides 12 tips to help college students study more efficiently. Some of these tips include getting an early start, employing creativity with different study guides, and making a study plan ahead of time.

“One advice I would give to someone is don’t let it get to you because at the end of the day, passing the exams is a simple two-step process,” said Oliver. “Believe in yourself and back it up with hard work.”

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