About The Banner


History and Purpose

The Banner is the official, student-run newspaper of The College of Staten Island; a four-year higher education institution part of the CUNY system of colleges. The Banner has been providing students with campus and Staten Island news since 1993. The Banner covers a variety of topics pertaining to the five boroughs and New York state and strives to deliver a comprehensive ‘student’ perspective on everything from urban culture to political movements. The Banner is entirely run by undergraduate students; all business management is also conducted mainly through undergraduate student members of The Banner publication in junction with the CSI Association.

The Banner Newspaper is funded by the College of Staten Island via a nonprofit corporation, the CSI Association, Inc.  Student activity fees allocated through the Publications Board of the Association directly fund The Banner.  The Banner retains editorial independence from the College of Staten Island, and does not represent the views or opinions of administrators at the College of Staten Island.

How To Join

The Banner publishes bi-weekly – distributing to all buildings on the College of Staten Island campus – and publishes daily online.

The Banner holds weekly ‘pitch’ meetings at its office located at 1C-228 every Thursday at 3:00 PM. If you wish to talk to an editor before attending a meeting, email the Banner at the.banner.csi@gmail.com or drop by the office to check editor availability times.


Editors & Staff

Editor in Chief: Veronica Pistek
Business Manager: Michael Losi
Copy Editor: Gabriell Kleydman
Layout Editor: Lauren Silverman
Arts & Entertainment Editor: Brooke Price
Politics Editor: Olivia Frasca
Sports Editor: Danny Cacace
Web Editor: Vincent Villani


Kenny Velez, Roseanne Cassar, Salvatore Cento, Carlos Glick, Mark Deutsch, Sidney Mansueto, Valerie Gonzalez, Amanda Bengard, Amir Garcia, Claudia Buonsante, Sabrina Benet, Ubong Ekpo, Maxwell Velikodny, Jolie Gutierrez

Faculty Advisor

Frederick Kaufman


Contact Us

Mailing Address:

The Banner
2800 Victory Blvd. 1C-228
Staten Island, NY 10314


(718) 982-3116


(718) 982-3086

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