Curly Hair Tips and Products

Being Fabulous on a Budget

By Gisselly Balcacer

Not all hair products work the same, there are different products for different hair types.

Having curly hair is just one of those things that some people wish they had, and the ones that do, sometimes wish they did not have. It can go both ways, it can be either a blessing from the hair Gods or be a knotty hell to pay from the frizz Gods.

Either way, I have grown to love mine and it has become my personal pain in the ass.

While Mother Nature can play a big role in deciding how your hair will cooperate for the day, money on the other hand can play a huge role in transitioning back into the curly hair lifestyle.


Curls at their best.

Money is the problem that all college students have. When we are not paying tuition, or paying $7.00 for a ham and cheese sandwich on campus, we are buying $500 French textbooks and Metrocards, for us city kids at least.

Today I come with some fun facts and suggestions from not only I but some fellow CSI students who could help you get the best bang for your buck.

We should be able to be fabulous on a budget. You should not have to break open your piggy bank in order to buy some leave-in conditioner or shampoo. Student Kausara Hassan said that in order to get that fluffiness in her curls, she uses L’Oréal’s Paris Ever curl Hydra charge Leave-in Cream right after a wash. This leave is what I call a good product for an even better price. You can find it in Target for $5.29 or Walgreens for $6.99.

She also suggest CSI students to use the infamous coconut oil on your scalp for more volume and it helps with split ends. Let me also add that Kausara has type 3 hair. Type 3 hair is that wavy but curlier hair. Just to get a better idea of how her hair looks.

Coconut oil is a great diverse product for hair, skin, food, and pretty much anything you can name. Although I must say it is not for every type of hair, if you have very oily hair, then coconut is not for you. Your hair will turn into a giant grease ball.

It is meant for the more dry hair that needs moisture and shine. Coconut oil is great for protection from sun, hair growth, hair coloring, dandruff, detangling and a great deep conditioner.

Psychology student Joanna Martinez, has type 4A hair, which is more of the tighter curly hair. She suggests applying when your hair is a few days in and needs to be washed, when that day comes around, and it will, you should apply before washing.

Apply a very small amount focusing on the ends of your hair. It can be applied as a leave in when leaving your hair curly. When focusing on the ends, it locks the cuticles causing healthy ends.

Warning: this is not suggested as a leave-in when straightening your hair.

Martinez also suggests many Shea Moisture Products, although they are a bit more expensive, they are specifically targeted towards natural hair, so it’s proudly suggested. Their prices vary from $12.99-$29.99 in local targets and pharmacies.

Coconut oil can be found in all type of stores, your local Whole Foods carries Virgin Coconut oil for $7.99 or head over to Sam’s for about $16 you can get yourself a 56 fl oz. container of Organic Virgin Cold pressed Coconut Oil.

Talk about a bargain so far.

For me, I cannot use many products with coconut oil, being that my hair is very oily when straighten but very dry when curly. So I do my best to try and balance the two.

Two brands that I have tried so far that I think are working are Cantu and DevaCurl. I got my Cantu Shea butter for natural hair Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream. I honestly loved it.

It immediately showed results on my hair. You apply two small amounts on your hand and spread evenly from the roots to the tips. Which I then air dry, or I just grab an old cotton tee, and scrunch upwards with the fan on for a quicker dry.

You can find many Cantu products in pharmacies, but I get mine from Target for $8.99.

Then the DevaCurl Mist-er Right is a revitalizer for curls. Basically a refresher that you can use throughout the day. I got mine also at target for $14.79; as you can tell I love me some target.

But Deva Curl products are recommended so much in the curly hair world, from their No-poo Shampoos, and One conditioner, to their huge green diffuser.

DevaCurl products are a bit more expensive as well, but they work for so many people and honestly I think they are worth the saving up for. I cannot wait to go to their salon and get myself a curly haircut.

As much as you love seeing the guys and girls on social media with their fabulous curly hair, now you have an inside on how much work it actually is to maintain a fabulous head of curls.

But at least now you have a few products in mind that worth the spending and still have enough for a sandwich.



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