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13 Apps Where You Can Make Cash

By Lucia Rossi


If you like to shop for Christmas early or if you just splurged on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for yourself, there are small ways you can recoup from the damage just by using your phone, tablet, or computer at home.

There are apps you can download that make it easy get a few bucks. Given it does take time, patience, and consistency, but if you’re home in your pajamas watching Netflix, why not try?Times are tough so every little bit helps.


Here are my 13 Free App choices:

1. Lucktastic – Sorry Apple users, this one is for android only. This app is really addicting and is a lot of fun. With over a million downloads its a must-have. Every time you open the app you get a daily reward, there are tokens and entries to contests. Lucktastic is made up of all different kinds of ways to make tokens to convert to gift cards. The easiest way is to do scratch off tickets (for free), just like a normal lotto, you win tokens or straight up cash. Their selection of gift cards is small but well worth the time. Beware that before you scratch a ticket you have to watch a 15-30 second commercial each time, but your chances of winning tokens from the cards is pretty high.

2. Ebates – This app and website is pretty useful and is great for earning cash back on purchases you make online. I’m so mad I forgot to use it when I went Christmas gift shopping. All you do is go on the app or website, click on the store you want to buy from an you can get anywhere from 1% – 40% cash back on your purchase. If you have college loans from Sallie Mae, use your UPromise account to do the same thing and get cash back to pay your loan a bit.

3. Ibotta and Checkout51 – Ibotta, like Ebates, can give you rebates on your purchases. However their selection goes item to item, store by store, and instead of shopping through the app, you just take a picture of your receipt. Save your receipt every time you buy milk and eggs from the grocery store, you get cash for that. Especially if you buy a lot of groceries, you could a little cash back on many items at once. Checkout51 is just like Ibotta but its groceries only and has a much more limited selection. But still if you use both apps, that’s twice the cash back on possibly the same item.

4. Receipt Hog – It’s simple, every time you have any receipt you snap a picture of it and you earn coins which you can convert to cash. 1,000 coins = $5, 1,800 coins = $10, 3,200 coins = $20, and 4,500 coins = $30. Be aware that the app only accepts receipts from purchases made in a 14 day span of when you bought the items. So no old receipts, I tried it.

5. Inbox Dollars/Instant Rewards – In both of these apps you make cash by either accepting offers (be careful of the ones that look like scams) or downloading apps. Remember, just because you download an app for the points doesn’t mean you have to use it or keep it. You download it, open it, go back to see if you got your points, and then delete the app. Unless you want to keep it, that’s cool too. Either way it’s easy money. Both apps also offer short surveys as well.


6. Mobee, Fieldagent, Easyshift – These apps are for the people who want to make money while already in the stores. Basically, you’re a mystery shopper, which means you get paid to buy something, take a picture of a display, or comment on customer service. There are certain missions you can fulfill and by doing them, you earn points. They shouldn’t take longer than 3-12 minutes.

7. Shopkick and Checkpoints – Want to make a fun day of shopping with your friends? Hanging out at the mall? You can earn money for that. With these apps, you go scavenger hunting in a store. You find an item on the list given you can the barcode and BAM! Points! You then convert them to gift cards or prizes when you have enough. If you work in retail or a grocery store, these apps should be a piece of cake.

8. Slidejoy, Screenpay, Locket – With these apps your phone becomes a billboard for advertisement, but you get paid for it. What it does is it puts ads on your lock screen so people can see it. You don’t have to click on it or buy anything. You could get anywhere from $3-$260 a month depending on how often you lock and unlock your phone. Not too shabby.

9. Pact – For you fitness and health lovers, you can get paid to keep logs of what you already do.Or if you want to get fit, this app might give you some proper incentive. You set goals, track workouts, snap photos of your meals, and get cash earnings.

10. Viggle – This app honestly requires barely any work. All you do is have the Viggle app on when you’re watching TV or playing music. You tap the Viggle symbol so it listens as your shows and music runs. Then you get points and trade them in for gift cards. Takes time, but no effort.

11. AppTrailers and Swagbucks – These apps do the work for you. You get points for watching videos. You can run them over and over and keep getting points. Then you convert the points to prizes and gift cards. You don’t get that my points per video and prizes cost thousands. So I find that the easiest way to handle this is to turn the sound off, and run the videos while you are busy doing something else. That way you keep your sanity.

12. Mpoints – Mpoints is not an app itself, but many apps have mpoints when you use them. Silly, easy, apps that don’t even require you to think have mpoints, like TapDaCookie, FlipDaCoin, LightDaFuse, AskDaBall, RollDaDice, CutDaDeck, and Hologram apps. I kid you not when I say all these apps require of you is to tap the screen repeatedly until you get enough points for the day. These are super quick and give lots of points for prizes.

13. Ipoll and Surveys On The Go – These are pretty self explanatory but the surveys are quick plus you can enter sweepstakes. They’re like mini versions of Opinion Outpost.

I hope you found these apps helpful. Now go forth and roll in the dough!



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  1. I like what you said about how there’s apps you can download to make a few easy bucks, but that they do take time, patience, and consistency. I’ve heard that through these kinds of apps you can make up to an additional $5,000 per year! I’ll have to try some of these apps out to see if I can make a little extra cash.

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