Say Goodbye to Fall-ing out of Style This Year

Trends for Women for the New School Year

By Victoria Priola

Time to pack up the swimming trunks and bring out the knitted sweaters. Fall, one of the most anticipated season for fashion, is a time when wearing sweaters and shorts within the same time period is fashionably acceptable, Although unpredictable weather conditions will call for a few exceptions to style laws.

Tribal patterns that were popular in the summer still live on as the season changes. Also, the bohemian look paired with darker assets such as combat boots and scarves are also common.

A fall and summer wardrobe mashup is perfect for this time of year. Thick scarves are always in style, with a variety of colors and patterns such as houndstooth. For all the floral lovers, this trend will continue throughout the climate change.plaid scarf

Floral dresses and leggings are mostly worn under a knitted sweater or cardigan with dark colored combat boots.

Colors that are always popular during the autumn season are red, dark green, orange and brown. The Earthy colors represent the maturity of the season, especially in fashion. Navy and Burgundy are hard to ignore in autumn. Blazers in these colors are popular along with long rompers and long sweaters.USE FOR ISSUE 2 MENS AND WOMENS

The theme for women this season is grunge meets girly.

Black is back! Most outfits seen on women have at least one black component to them. Leggings with a long patterned sweater and a light colored shirt is one outfit choice advertised by stores such as Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 this season.

Plaid shirts and dark denim jeans is an outfit commonly seen on display in stores for young women such as Garage. Although this style is a throwback from Judd Nelson’s rebellious character in the 80’s film The Breakfast Club, it has made its way to the top styles of autumn.

As the days grow darker so does the nail polish. Essie launched their Fall 2014 collection with colors that can be worn during the fall and winter. A Color such as Dress to Kilt, is a seductive deep red that is perfect for early fall up until the holiday season. Take it Outside is a winter white or taupe color that can be paired with any color or any season.

Fall in Line is a jade green that can be paired with burgundy. The Perfect Cover Up is a peacock teal that looks great with a deep brown. Style Cartel is a cobalt blue, which is the popular color of the season and will be the perfect style addition. Lastly, Partner in Crime a rich dark chocolate looks great with pinks that can be worn all year round.

Compliment these looks with the  limited edition fragrances from Bath and Body Works, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Honeycrisp Apple and Buttered Rum

What is a better accessory than a great cup of coffee? Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts launched their seasonal flavors, pumpkin and hot apple cider. Aside from Halloween and Thanksgiving, the launch of seasonal flavors is also a holiday to some, due to its popularity and the limited time it’s offered.


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