The Good, the Bad, and the, Ehh, Not So Scary

Halloween Trends that Need to be Stopped

By Victoria Priola

Halloween is a day of trick or treating and haunted houses, but if you’re an adult it’s an excuse to get dressed up and go to a good party. Year after year, new costume trends come around for the Halloween season, but the only thing scary about them is how unoriginal they are becoming.

In 2013, the most popular costumes worn by young women were minions from the movie Despicable Me, Harley Quinn from the Batman comics, Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance outfit, and the Furry Frankie Monster from the Party Monsters collection. What is a Furry Frankie Monster, you may ask? A trend that died as quick as it came about.

The Furry Frankie Monster costume was basically a short dress with a hood paired with lace stockings and fuzzy boots. The eye placed on top of the hood was the only way a passer-by could tell the costume was a monster. Although online reviews of the costume quality were positive, it seems that this monster should have stayed under the bed for good.

According to the popular chick-flick Mean Girls, “Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it.” Although this movie is a decade old, it still reigns true today.

In the aisles of Halloween costume stores like Spirit and Party City, there is a recurring costume style: a short dress with a head piece and knee high boots.

Using Halloween as an excuse to show some skin is an acceptable way to embrace the holiday in some cases, but if it’s been overdone it isn’t sexy anymore. The school girl, nurse, and Greek goddess costumes are classic, but let’s be real, if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.

Have you ever gone to a Halloween party where there are six other people wearing the same costume as you? If you’re a male going as a ninja, fire fighter, or a warrior, you probably have. Let us not forget the completely bizarre men’s costume trend last year–the colored morph suit.

The morph suit trend was huge last year and hopefully that will be the end of it. It was the easy way out of dressing up.

The costume is a spandex skin suit with a solid color or print on it–a creative idea that became old really quickly.

Couples tend to match their costumes when going out for Halloween. Typical costumes for couples are Mickey and Minnie, Danny and Sandy from Grease, Ash and Pikachu, or Mario and Luigi, even though technically these characters are brothers. As much as these costumes are nice to see, most of the time they are easily forgettable.

When costume ideas become predictable, it defeats the purpose of getting dressed up to begin with. Disney princess/prince and superhero mash ups are always a crowd favorite at parties. As long as it’s creative and relevant, the costume can’t go wrong.

Couple costumes can be really odd. One year an ex-boyfriend and I wanted to do something really creative and completely non-traditional for a party we were going to.

Long story short, we went as Bacon and Eggs. Please learn from my mistake – being food for Halloween is a no-go.

The whole “people dressing up as objects” trend feels like something that people put together last minute. No one plans to go as a Crayola crayon for Halloween, and they shouldn’t.

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