New York Comic Con 2014

The Biggest Event of October

By Lucia Rossi

Wands, screwdrivers, light sabers, oh my! It’s that time of the year again when all the Comic Con lovers gather at the Jacob Javits Center and this year was their biggest convention yet.

From October 9 to 12 over 150,000 guests attended New York Comic Con (NYCC) beating the population of San Diego’s convention. NYCC has clearly come a long way since 2006 with its mere 15,000 attendees.

With over 800 exhibitors, 400 panels, 600 artist signings, along with cosplayers, comics, video games, and more, NYCC has something to offer everyone.

Comic Con is not just for comic books, it’s for movies, television shows, video games, books, anime, artists, entrepreneurs, actors, and fans who want to be someone other than themselves for a day.

It’s a celebration of fans coming together to learn, share, shop, play, and be entertained with other people that share the same interests.

The fans however aren’t the only ones that celebrate. This year marked Marvel’s 75th anniversary as well as DC’s Batman 75th anniversary. Cast members from the movie The Karate Kid came to celebrate their 30th anniversary.

The Main Stage premiered the best panels of actors with special never-before seen previews and episodes for shows such as Bob’s Burgers, Elementary, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Archer, The Walking Dead, Gotham, and Sleepy Hollow.

One memorable moment was during the Gotham panel when a young fan asked the cast who is their favorite superhero. Ben McKenzie (Gordon), Donal Logue (Bullock), and Erin Richards (Barbara) all said Batman, while Robin Lord Taylor, aka the Penguin, responded with “Michael Jackson” and Danny Cannon, Executive Producer, replied with “The Avengers.”

The Empire Stage had special spotlights and Q&A with actors as well as special video presentations including Game of Thrones’ Kristian Nairn and Natalia Tena, Doctor Who’s Alex Kingston and Arthur Darvill, Birdman’s Michael Keaton and Edward Norton, and a pilot screening of the new show Constantine.

Many celebrities, such as Hulk Hogan, Jason David Frank, Patrick Stewart, Stephen Amell, William Shatner, Bill Nye, R. L. Stine, and others were available all weekend for photo ops and autographs.

The Showroom was filled with 31 huge aisles filled with exhibitors that sold collectibles, toys, comics, clothes, accessories, swords, costumes, games, and handmade pieces.

Some of the biggest and most popular exhibitors were Stylin Online, Tee Turtle, Hot Flips LLC, Dragon Song Forge, and Absolute Comics & Statues. In addition there were booths where everyone could play free game demos, like How to Train Your Dragon 2, in virtual reality.

The Artist Alley room was made up of four very wide aisles lined with tables for artists to display and sell their work whether its drawings, painting, prints, or their own original comics.

Many of these artists are up and comers who are trying to get good public exposure for their work. There was one special artist, Yale Stewart, who writes a comic called Little League about all the DC superheroes and villains as children with their superpowers in school.

This year, Comic Con offered something completely new with their tickets. Every ticket came with a Super Week pass which goes beyond the Javits Center to a city wide festival. For the whole week, Manhattan held over 120 events all focused on geek culture and fandom.

With all that New York Comic Con had to offer this year, it is difficult to imagine what they will offer next year. Plans for Comic Con 2015 are already being discussed. I’m sure whatever they have in store will be just as satisfying and surprising as it was this year.

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