A Concerned Coalition of Citizens Accends on NYC

Protesters Occupy Public Space to Persuade Global Leaders into Action

By Anna Kryukova

Look Ma No Future copy

Source: Anna Kryukova

Save Edgemere copy

Source: Anna Kryukova

Give a Shit copy

Source: Anna Kryukova

No Need for Corporate Greed

Source: Anna Kryukova

Teach Science

Source: Anna Kryukova

People Over Profits

Source: Anna Kryukova

We Should

Source: Jean-Claude Quintyne

The People’s Climate March that took place on September 21 was reported to be the largest climate marge in history. With 400,000 people participating in New York City and numerous solidarity events worldwide, the turnout was larger than expected.

In New York City, the march started from Columbus Circle and extended for as long as 4 miles as marchers carried their message through the streets. A large number of the par- ticipants were young adults and students taking a stand and demanding to be heard. Youth groups were a driving force with many partici- pants from universities around the country as well student groups like Alliance for Climate Education.

The energy at the march was overwhelming; people danced, sang, chanted, played instruments, and even preformed as they walked through the streets. There was a sense of unity and involvement. Many of the groups had different ideas about climate change and what should be done about it, but there was an underlying cause and purpose that brought everyone together.

People cared about something deeply and it drove the energy of the event. The signs and banners varied from larger-than-life art pieces to controversial and provocative messages about profits and exploitation. A group of par- ticipants linked hands and marched in front of the People’s Climate March main banner at the front of the march to signify the power people have when they come together under a single cause.


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