Ladies Dress For Success on Your Internship Interview

The Perfect Outfit for the Perfect Intern

By Victoria Priola

An internship interview is the most crucial point for fashion choices. First impressions are everything so looking your best is a must. Although professional attire won’t land you the internship of your dreams on the spot, it will certainly boost your chances of being successful.

The ideal outfit to wear on an interview would be anything from Michelle Obama’s closet- fashionable but professional. Business casual is usually the term for it but what constitutes “business casual”?

Now that the colder weather is here, pants suits are very commonly worn by women that work in offices. Plain black and grey are the colors to stick to when going for the long pants look. Designer Elie Tahari has a great variety of work wear that are suitable for any interview.intership issue3 styles

Dresses are also very stylish and professional- perfect for making a great first impression. If wearing a dress, make sure it is not too short. It needs to be a little below the knee to be seen as appropriate.

Pencil skirts paired with black stockings and a collared shirt can also be a go-to outfit for this occasion. Black blazers are common but classic in the professional fashion field.

If the internship you’re after is at a fashion magazine or something in the creative field then by all means show your individuality but remember to stay professional in doing so.

Black or nude colored heels are a must if you are wearing stockings or a pants suit. If you’re not big on wearing heels flats work too. has a wide selection of “business casual” shoes for affordable prices.

When getting ready for the interview you need an accessory that sets you a part from the others. Fashion is a part of what makes everyone unique after all. A lot of jewelry would be very distracting- try to keep it down to one accessory such as a pair of earrings or a chunky necklace to finish off the look.intership issue 3 styles

If you want to wear your hair up, in a bun, pony tail or chunky braid, earrings would be the preferred accessory to go with. If your hair is down, a necklace will perfect your look.

Bobby pins help keep your hair in place so when you’re telling your soon-to-be boss how great you are- you can look great and put together. For up-dos or curls, TreSemme’ has an extra firm control hairspray that will keep your hair in place all day.

Nail colors that are interview appropriate are dark red or pink. If possible stick to neutral colors because although zebra is a lovely pattern it doesn’t belong on your nails when you’re trying to look presentable.

The night before, your skin may need a bit of fixing up.The preparation for the interview is worse then the interview itself. A product that helps clear out pores is St. Ives Apricot Scrub available at any local drug store or supermarket.

When makeup is concerned – less is more. Cover girl’s True Blend liquid foundation and Lash blast Volume Mascara are basic essentials to have for some extra coverage. For all skin tones, a pale pink eye shadow with thin black or dark brown eyeliner is a simple yet classy look for the interview.

Light red or pink lip stick is very interview appropriate. This doesn’t mean you should rock the Halloween costume looking Blood Red color, but a nice hint of color never hurt anyone.

Be classy, live classy and most of all, look classy. As Coco Chanel once said “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”


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