One Trick Pony: The Bojack Horseman Story

Netflix’s New Original Animated Series an Early Success

By Ryan Weiser

Imagine a show combining anthropomorphic animals, Charles In Charge two decades later, alcoholism, self-loathing, and narcissism. Put it all together and you get – Bojack Horseman.

Will Arnett stars as the titular character, Bojack Horseman, in what could be called one of his most natural roles yet. The show is like watching Arrested Development but only through Will Arnett’s character’s, Gob Bluth, point of view with a horse head.

The show follows the premise of Bojack Horseman, an anthropomorphic horse and famous 90’s sitcom actor turned has-been, trying to write an autobiography to get everyone to love him again. He then hires a ghost writer to do it for him.

When the ghost writer, Diane Nguyen, finishes the book, titled: One Trick Pony, she reveals to everyone that Bojak Horseman is filled with self-loathing, narcissism, and alcohol, but through all of that, he’s still a pretty good person who is just like everyone else.

Back on August 22, all twelve episodes of season one premiered on Netflix blowing the minds of viewers. With mixed reviews, the show seemed to be doomed to one season, but with the amount of viewers of the show, Netflix renewed the series for a second season less than a week after it premiered.

Bojack Horseman scored a 63 out of 100 on Metacritic, and a 50% rating from Rotten Tomatoes. Don’t let this be discouraging though, as Bojack Horseman has more to offer than these ratings might suggest.

To start, the animation style of the show is a more gritty version of any popular animated show out on television nowadays, but this gives it a more real world vibe than those other cartoons might.

The show takes a new look on anthropomorphic animals in the way that they are so seamlessly incorporated into the world of the show. While most of these characters are made up, some of them are just parodies of real-world people including, Quentin Tarantulino who is an anthropomorphic tarantula representing Quentin Tarantino.

One of the most amazing parts of the show is how the writers added cultural references to the script. One such reference included the famous BBC series Doctor Who, and the Doctor’s own lack of a medical degree.

Additionally, the characters in the series all have their backgrounds brought to light, showing that they are not the superficial people they were originally portrayed as. As would be expected, this is mostly done for Bojack, since he is the titular character trying to get an autobiography published.

While the show is so great, nothing is truly perfect, and Bojack Horseman is no exception. The downside of the show is that it only aired with twelve episodes, but Bojack Horseman will re-commence production for season two starting in 2015.

It just goes to show that Bojack Horseman is not a one trick pony.

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