Livin' La Vida Lucia

Don’t Wait to Lose Weight

Painless Ways To Shed Some Pounds

by Lucia Rossi

I don’t know about you, but one of my new year’s resolutions was to lose some weight and get a bit healthier. Keeping a routine is really key to looking your best and I plan to stick with it. I hope if you decide to, you will too.

So, in no particular order here are my tips for you.




One way to drops some pounds is to take out the take out. By not going to restaurants or ordering take out so much, you will save calories and money. Try to limit yourself to maybe doing it once a week if you can. Eating at home will give you more control over what you eat and less temptation to go overboard. If you get fast food, go for the smallest portions. If you do go out to a restaurant, bag half your meal and eat it the next day or split your meal with a partner or friend. Avoid eating with large groups of people because it will encourage you to eat more.


Breakfast is the most important meal for a reason. Eating breakfast jump starts your metabolism for the day, so to be at optimum efficiency you have to wake up your metabolism before you leave your home. This is the best time to get your protein and grains in because if you eat more in the AM you will eat less in the PM.

Working out doesn’t always have to mean going to the gym, getting a membership, and paying for a personal trainer. You can get workouts in  between whatever you’re doing at home. You can walk up and down stairs several times, take your dog on several long walks, do some squats while cleaning the dishes, do some crunches while commercials are on television, dance while you’re getting ready. Whatever works for you. Doing some intense cleaning of your home can be a workout.


Also, YouTube is a great tool for free workout videos. I personally recommend Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred which is a 20 minute workout you do every day, expect to sweat and be very sore. To give yourself more incentive, do it with a friend or family member and blast your favorite high-energy music. With music as a distraction you won’t even realize how much work you’re doing.

Kicking bad habits like smoking and drinking alcohol may not be easy, but if that is another resolution you want to accomplish, then know it will also benefit your weight loss. Alcoholic beverages have a way of sneaking calories that are unnecessary.

Purge and splurge on your pantry. Clean out all the food you know is bad for you and replace them with healthier options. Make a list to buy all the healthy food you know you like. You shouldn’t feel like you’re depriving yourself of food, you should add food not subtract. Go for lower sugar or sugar free items. Skip on the salty snacks, go for the fruits or nuts for protein. Go for the whole grains, Get dessert snacks from weight watchers or bars from Atkins. If you can’t let go of your favorites, buy healthier versions of it. Go for the options that have more fiber because it helps you stay full for longer. Throw out all the white items, like white flour, rice, pasta  and bread, go for the browns. Carbs are your worst enemy. Take a good walk around the perimeter of your supermarket to see the best options.

Do I even need to tell you to eat fruits and vegetables? Come on.motivationalweightlossquotes6

What I will tell you though is to stop nighttime eating. Closing your kitchen after a certain time can help you lose weight. The University of Texas found that stopping last night munchies can save you 300 calories or more a day, or 31 pounds a year.

Hydration helps too. Drink lots of water. Drinking water before meals can lessen your hunger. It’s good to drink orange juice or fruit juices like V8 in the morning, but trying going with water for the rest of the day. Green tea is also very helpful to drink because it gives you energy as well clears your stomach and helps you lose weight. If you can, try to cut out soda all together. That alone can make you see a difference. Drinking water is great for workouts because it will keep you going longer and it has no calories!

Alright coffee lovers, I know you love your fancy Starbucks concoctions but they’re loaded with calories, sugar and fat. Switch to the Tazo teas if you must, but a more simpler smaller cup of coffee is the way to go while on a diet. Drinking coffee an hour before a workout can actually energize you and boost your endurance. Go easy on the milk and sugar, maybe go for the skim.


Size matters when it comes to your bowls and utensils. Trick your brain into thinking you’re eating more by filling up a small bowl and using smaller utensils so you take more smaller bites. By doing this, you’ll eat for a longer period of time tricking your body into believing you ate a lot. Take your time and eat slow, this will help you digest better.

Only eat when there’s a rumbly in your tumbly, as Winnie the Pooh does. Don’t eat because you’re bored, or upset, or stressed, or watching television. Try to distract yourself by doing other things instead. Give yourself a rule to only eat at the table, and if you can, watch less TV so you have time to work out. To be more consistent and to be more encouraged, try using fitness apps like Lift, Charity Miles, Fitocracy, and MyFitnessPal.

Try to stay away from frying foods when cooking, try to bake instead. If you like spice, pour on that hot sauce, Cajun seasonings, and cayenne pepper because hot spices boost your metabolism.


Sex is exercise too. Sex gives you endorphins which can ride out food cravings.  According to Cosmopolitan, if you have sex in a position that has you on top you can burn up to 144 calories in 30 minutes.

Reader’s Digest claims that the color blue is an appetite suppressant.


Studies found that colors like red, yellow, and orange, encourage eating. This is why restaurants generally don’t use blue to decorate. So get out your blue china.

Alan R. Hirsh, M.D. the neurological director of the Small & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago tested 3,000 volunteers and found that the more people sniffed their food before eating the less hungry they were and the more weight they lost. It’s a trick to make your brain think you’re already eating.


Reader’s Digest also stated that by eating in front of a mirror, you will cut your portion by one-third. It’s a trigger to remind you why you’re trying to lose weight in the first place.

Also, brushing your teeth after every dinner will cue your brain that meal time is over because the fresh minty feeling in your mouth will send that signal to your brain.

If you feel stress, take a nap or sleep longer. Sleep with prevent depression as well as shed pounds. I love to eat chocolate but only when in desperation, I’ll go for the dark chocolate because it’s the healthier choice.


My final tip to you is to have patience. Patience is necessary because change doesn’t happen overnight. By dieting and exercising, you will feel more self-confidence, improve your mood, be at better health, have more self control, and have patience. Motivation is crucial so give yourself a mantra to keep yourself going. Personally mine is, “Do it for the jeans! Do it for the jeans!” because I want to fit into a certain pair and I will think about it and look at them until I am able to.funny-workout-quotes-2-300x210

See your goal and go for it, don’t give up. It is a new year so it’s time to prove to yourself that you are starting over and things will be different this time.

Now go play “Eye of The Tiger” and run up some steps.

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