New York NHL regulation standings

Islander’s and Ranger’s, put themselves on the map during the 2014-15 season

By Francesca Miceli

The 2014-15 regulation season for both New York NHL teams have been going well. The New York Rangers Rick Nash has had 6 to 10 point streaks in consecutive games multiple times this season. The left winger, out of his last five games, averaged 6 points. He leads the Eastern conference with 20 goals scored this season and is just three spots away from leading the entire NHL.

The New York Islanders are also having a great season so far. Making themselves a contender for the playoffs, they have the seventh best overall record in the NHL, as of now; 21-10-0, 42 points. Staying in the top eight contender seats will guarantee the New York Islanders a spot in the playoffs, giving them a chance to obtain their 5th NHL Stanley Cup Championship.

The New York Rangers are not trailing far behind with an overall record of 15-10-4, 34 points. The team isn’t new to this, they’ve been to the playoffs nine times out of the last 10 years. They hold four Stanley Cup championships as well.

The New York Islanders center, Brock Nelson, is leading his team with 13 goals. Their team captain, John Tavares, is only one behind with 12 goals. As of now, there were 31 games played and 51 left for the New York Islander’s, and, 29 games played and 51 left for the New York Ranger’s.

Both teams brought something beneficial for their teams, and they still have room to grow.


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