Livin' La Vida Lucia

Give Your Heart for Valentine’s Day to Him, Her, or You

By Lucia Rossi

Some know Valentine’s Day as the day of love and romance, while others know it as Singles Awareness Day. But either way, the day is what you make of it.

Valentine’s Days can be as big or as little as you want. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You should make this holiday into whatever you are most happy with, whether you’re in a relationship or single.Valentines-day-Funny-Cards-Twitter-2-500x328

The most important thing is to remember that Valentine’s Day is not about gifts, having a date, or gorging yourself on chocolate, it’s about love. You should celebrate with anyone you love and show your appreciation of them whether it’s your friends, family, or partner. It doesn’t have to be just another Hallmark holiday.

Before I give you gift ideas, lets go over some V-Day do’s and don’ts.e9f12b1428aa7836b25e6b24edbd1724

First of all, don’t forget! The worst thing you can do is forget that it’s Valentine’s Day and then have nothing prepared. When you scramble in the last minute, what you come up with may not come up as pretty as it would if you planned it.

Another thing you want to avoid is talking to or about an ex. If you’re single, focus on you. If you’re taken, focus on that person. Don’t spoil the day with thoughts and conversations about the one who got away or the one who broke your heart. Valentine’s Day is not about that.Valentine-Funny-Cards-4

Also, don’t spend too much of your time online. You’re suppose to be celebrating, put your phone down while you’re at a romantic dinner or party. Show the people you care about that you respect them by giving your full attention. Unless you’re taking photos with them, in which case savor the moment and share it.funny_valentines_day_cards

For the men who are reading this, avoid doing the guy stuff you usually do. To be more specific, don’t play online video games, don’t watch the sports channel, and don’t take your loved one to a bar, unless they are into those things.

Put your partner before yourself ad do something you know they would love and that you would enjoy too. Compromise is the way to a healthy relationship. Make this day count and make it different from others.

tumblr_mi04kaWSRJ1rlny76o1_500 I know it’s really easy to do on a holiday like this but, try not to overspend. No one should go deeper into credit card debt when it feels like Christmas just past yesterday. Keep a budget and have the nicest day you can afford. It shouldn’t be a competition of who spent more for the other person either.

Do it yourself gifts can be even better than a gift from a store. Just like a personalized meal made at home can be just as romantic as a restaurant. It’s about the thought and time you put into your plans that make it special, not its numerical value.1b80bcc48f3fb22184b5186a5ceeb14f

Which brings me to my next point, avoid cliches and generic cards. Show that your gift was picked especially to that person. Chocolates and flowers are great but do you know their favorite kinds? What’s their favorite color? Is there some way you can add a “wow” factor to its presentation to make it more unique? If you’re buying a card that’s fine, write something romantic inside, don’t just sign it. If you can, make a card, that’s even better. On a holiday like this, the details matter.valentines-transformers-pun-optimus-fine

Do plan the day ahead of time, whether it’s the movies, the park, a show, a concert, the park, or just a restaurant. Make reservations or get tickets early. They will be crowded. If you’re into dinner and a movie, I suggest the AMC Dine-In Theater, you can it two birds with one stone. Just be sure to get your tickets in advance to insure good seats. Also, Fifty Shades of Grey will be released the day before Valentine’s Day. Nothing says love like gags, bounds, whips, and chains. Ha! You have to admit, it is different from the typical chick flick. Chick flicks are fine too, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan film are classic.Funny-Valentines-Day-Cards-15

Instead of giving one big gift, try spreading smaller gifts through out the day. Start the day by cooking breakfast or lunch, or sending sweet text messages, giving a gift at their work place, a fun date activity, a romantic dinner, a relaxing deep massage, and any other surprises you can come up with. It’s all about finding creative ways to say I love you. By spreading things out, that romantic and happy mood is kept all day which makes it all the better.

Lastly, just keep calm. All this may sound like a lot but as I said, it is whatever you make of it. You don’t have to do everything in a day or overdo it. Just plan ahead, and go at a steady pace. Don’t feel overwhelmed, you’ll be fine.Funny-Valentine-Day-Cards-6

If you’re single, don’t let V-Day bring you down. This isn’t a time for you to feel sorry for yourself or be ashamed that you’re single. This is a time for you to celebrate that you’re single. Splurge on yourself and buy yourself something you’ve been wanting. Don’t talk or drunk text/dial your ex. Take the day to remember how you have loved and have been loved. Appreciate your past experiences whether they were good or bad.funny-celebrity-valentines-card-paula-deen

For Valentine’s Day, remind yourself how you love you as well as your family and friends. Don’t go on a blind date, save it for after V-Day in case it doesn’t go well. Try meeting up with your single friends and make your own Valentine’s Day. Avoid going to a place that is crawling with couples. Most importantly, don’t take the day too seriously.

Now, on to gifts!Funny-Valentines-Day-Cards-You-Can-Print-16

Men, don’t get your lady lingerie. You could get the wrong size, color or style. There is just too much room for error. Also, it will give the message that you’re looking for one thing and that could either go really well or really badly of you. Don’t risk it unless it’s something she told you to do.

Ladies, do buy lingerie if before V-Day if that’s what you want to surprise your loved one with. Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to get extra sexy and slinky.

Also ladies, don’t feel hurt if your partner just isn’t that into V-Day. If they know how much it means to you, then trust that they will do something for you. To save yourself from disappointment, don’t expect a huge gesture. Also, don’t compare your V-Day to other people’s.Funny-Valentines-Day-Cards-80

I can’t stress enough how important it is to not wait until the last minute. Stores will be loaded with people, orders, and prices will rise. If you are getting flowers, get them in person to guarantee their prompt arrival to your loved one. If you order it to get delivered, there is a possibility of the flowers not arriving on time, possibly days later because of the influx of orders. To avoid disappointment, get your flowers at least one or two days early and keep them in water in your fridge.funny-taylor-swift-valentines-day-card

Just because its V-Day that doesn’t mean you are obligated to buy roses. Lilies, carnations, daisies, sunflowers, orchids, and tulips can be just as romantic and beautiful. Hint to your loved one what flower you want the most so they don’t have to guess.

Getting a box of chocolate is always sweet, but add someone love by jazzing up the presentation. Wrap it up in some chic paper, decorate with love notes, add cool tissue paper, cellophane, or ribbon. Get that A for effort.tumblr_mi9phcxlVG1rvyj1zo1_500

If you’re low on budget, hand made baked goods are great. You can make bacon wrapped roses (yes, it’s a thing), you’re own chocolates, heart shaped cakes, cookies, or brownies, whatever you like. You can also dip simple sack like strawberries and pretzels into melted chocolate with a dash of sprinkles if you’re in a rush.

If you and your beau like drinking, there is always the booze bouquet. Buy a bunch of mini alcohol bottles, tape or glue sticks to them and decorate them in a vase. You can also decorate our wine bottles with glitter or make sweet romantic cocktails.Funny-Valentines-Day-Cards-78

Get creative by writing all the reasons why you love the person you’re with and put it on playing cards, small pieces of paper in a jar, a book with pictures, a love letter, or even Jenga blocks. You can apply the same idea with date suggestions, put a date idea on a popsicle stick and put it in a jar for random selection. There is also the cliche but appropriate naughty coupons and vouchers.

Personalized matching gifts can be really cute. Whether it’s phone cases, t-shirts, wine glasses, mugs, towels, pillow cases, jewelry,, or framed photos. You can get them customized with quotes or your initials, or romantic cartoons that complete when you put them side by side. If you want to be extra fancy, get something

You don’t have to get a Valentine’s Day themed gift though. You can get them anything you think they need or want whether it’s a new watch, a game, jewelry, accessories, books, movies, tickets to a broadway show, a wallet, a nice bag, a beauty kit, nice art prints etc.Funny-Valentines-Day-Cards-U-Can-Print

Honestly, you don’t even have to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day. You can plan to have your own V-Day on another day that isn’t so busy, crowded and expensive. Prices will go down if you wait after all and there’s nothing wrong with that. Any day can be your Valentine’s Day.

So get dressed up, eat a grand meal, gobble up all the chocolate, get down with the love making, tell someone you love them, and most of all, have fun.


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