Livin' La Vida Lucia

Girl’s Guide to Surviving the Superbowl

How To Enjoy Football Even If You Hate It

By Lucia Rossi

Loving to watch football is not for everyone, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Superbowl parties don’t have to be boring, it’s a party! It’s okay if you don’t enjoy the sport, so here’s what you should focus on to keep yourself sane.

Firstly, even if you don’t give a flying fart in space if the Patriots or Seahawks win, don’t bring down other people’s mood with negativity. You don’t want to be rude now. As I said, it’s okay if you don’t like the sport, but you should respect the people that do. This is important to them, and it’s only for a couple of hours.


Blend in by cheering when they cheer, or booing when they boo. By following along, everyone will think you’re in. No one needs to know, wink wink. At least you would be trying.


Since this is a party, it would also be appropriate to look the part. If your comrades root for the Seahawks, wear green, blue and silver. If they scream for the Patriots, wear red, white and blue. Coordinate your makeup with the team colors as well for a bright and festive party look.

Since this is a party, there will probably be drinking. Even if you’re bored, don’t go overboard with the drinking. No one wants to be holding your hair up as you puke while the game is on. Just relax, take it slow, and pop a couple of beers with your buds.

Splurge on the food though. If you’re on a diet, this should be your cheat day. There should be an abundance of snacks and finger foods for you to pick on. Imagine all those chips and chocolate…


If you’re worried about going to a Superbowl party and not knowing much about it, do some research on the teams beforehand. Girls who know football facts can be sexy. Know who the most important players are on each team and pay attention to them.


If you want to show your support, then learn some of the lingo. This will help you understand what is going on in the game. Here’s a crash course. Touchdown is a score worth six points that occurs when a player with the ball crosses the opponent’s goal line. A snap is the action in which the ball is hiked, or tossed in between the legs, by the center to the quarterback. A knock off is a free kick, meaning the receiving team can’t make an attempt to block it, that puts the ball into play. A field goal is a kick worth three points that can be attempted anywhere on the field, but is usually attempted 40 yards from the goal post. The end zone is a 10 yard long area at each end of the field. A touchdown is scored when the end zone is entered while in control of the football. Lastly, a quarterback is the leader of the team. He calls the plays in the huddle, yells the signals, and receives the ball from the center. The Patriots quarterback is Tom Brady and the Seahawks quarterback is Russell Wilson, in case you didn’t know.


If the game isn’t exciting enough, then expect some during the half time show. This year Katy Perry will be performing. There is bound to be some excitement if she’s rocking the stage.


If halftime isn’t enough either, look out for the commercials! The commercials during the Superbowl are the best! You’re bound to see one you’ll like.


If you hate the Superbowl but love your dog, there is always the Puppy Bowl. If you know others who feel the same, then throw a Puppy Bowl party! It’s the most adorable event.


Get into the football spirit by having decorations and desserts that are football themed. Pull out Pinterest and you can find everything football shaped like: cupcakes, crispy treats, pizzas, pies, chip dip, burgers, sandwiches, pigs in a blanket, chocolate covered strawberries, cake pops etc. You name it, you can probably football it.

When you’re watching the game, you don’t actually have to watch the game. Watch the players! They’re big hot sweaty eye-candy! Show your support for the sport by appreciating their beauty.


If you think none of this will help you, then maybe you should show your support by not going. Don’t make yourself miserable or the people around you. Treat yourself to a cold drink and a Netflix marathon. Whatever way you choose, enjoy!


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