New Student-Run Magazines to Hit Shelves in Spring

Charted Publications Plan to Highlight Underappreciated Cultures

By Emily Zoda

Catalyst and Morgan Magazine, two new publications, were chartered by the Student Publications Board on October 30 and will be the first magazines produced by CSI students in over a year.

The publications moved into Rooms 226 and 231, respectively, in the Campus Center on December 23 to begin working on science and fashion focused magazines.

Both will focus on connecting their themes back to the College of Staten Island community.

“It’s exciting. We haven’t had a new publication since Operation: Three Legged Dolphin chartered in 2008, so these are the first new publications since then,” said Philip Masciantonio, who oversees the Publications Board. “Every year I’ll meet with one or two groups of students who are interested in starting a publication and most of the time they don’t finish the chartering process.”

Catalyst will cover a wide range of science related research at CSI. The publication aims to highlight accomplishments by undergraduate and graduate students that are conducting research in Psychology, Biology, Astronomy, and the physical sciences.

The majority of the magazine will publish research in its entirety, outlining methodology, data, and conclusions.

A portion of the publication will be dedicated to educational comic strips.

Members of Catalyst have already interviewed professors who have researched human eyes, fish genes, planetoids, and computer programming. The staff plans to release their first issue in spring 2015.

“Our primary goal is to make scientific research well known at CSI. Yes, a chemistry major may know about the polymer research going on in 6S, but not the average student” said Michael Luppino, one of the founding members of the new magazine. “It will be rewarding to get their work out there.”

Catalyst will move into the office that belonged to Serpentine Magazine and will hold meetings on Thursdays during club hours.

Current staffers eventually want to make Catalyst a CUNY-wide publication.

Morgan, a fashion focused publication that plans to showcase fashion trends with original insight and photography from CSI students, is scheduled to move into Third Rail Magazine’s office by the end of the fall semester to begin editorial work on their magazine.

The publication will mostly be made up of images of CSI students wearing the latest fashion trends with articles commenting on fashion, pop culture, and satire.

Morgan centers on “fearless” self-expression and connecting CSI students who are interested in fashion and currently don’t have an outlet to share their creativity.

“I want to reach out to everyone, I love when new people reach out and get excited, so I’m hoping to attract anyone who’s a fashion lover,” exclaimed Briahna Morgan, the magazine’s editor-in-chief. “Everything is academic, there isn’t much art on campus.”

Morgan plans to publish once in the upcoming spring and four times a year beginning in fall 2015 to align with the fashion seasons.

Of course with two new publications coming to CSI, another club will have to compromise.

The heavily-populated Campus Center is squeezing in new clubs with the veteran clubs due to lack of space.

Both publications will share computer equipment and split up office time with the other magazines until new equipment arrives for the newer publications in either the spring or next fall.

“The chartering process was smooth, we’ll see how they get along with their roommates,” said Masciantonio.

“But they made it this far in, [and are] probably going to stay on track and release in the spring.”

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