Students Invoke Veterans as Their Muse for Art Exhibit

The Popular Art Show is Slated to Become An Annual Event

By Briana DelBuono

The Veteran’s Day Art Exhibition was held at CSI’s campus in building 1P in the Student Arts Gallery from November 11 to November 20.

In honor of Veteran’s Day, the exhibit gave students a chance to see not only the amazing talent of their fellow students, but also allowed them to see a different perspective of our veterans.

Miguel Aragón, Assistant Professor in Print Making, first heard about the idea of interpreting veteran experiences through art from Ann Treadaway, the Director of Veteran’s Support Services.

“She learned of a similar project and suggested we do our own version,” Aragón said.

Treadaway learned about the The Veteran Print Project through an organization not affiliated with CSI that started in 2009.

Their mission statement is: “The Veteran Print Project seeks to bring two divergent groups, veterans and artists, together to express the historical experiences of a new generation of veterans through the traditional methods of fine art print, opening an ongoing dialogue between these two groups.”

Recognizing that this was a great idea and that CSI should become involved in it, Treadaway sent the idea over to Aragón who got the ball rolling.

This is the first year CSI’s Printmaking Area is participating in this kind of project. “I immediately jumped on the opportunity as it would encourage a collaboration between her office and the Performing and Creative Arts department,” Aragón stated.

The Veterans Support Services Program at CSI mission tries to help Veteran’s in search of an education transition smoothly into the college atmosphere by providing them with a helpful and beneficial support system and “vet-friendly” services.

The five veteran students openly shared their personal stories with students who produced twelve beautiful works for the exhibition.

Each work was different from the last, and each one had a story to tell. The range of mediums included pen and ink, colored pencil, print, and charcoal.

The veteran students were Matt Basso, from the Marine Corps, Tina Barry, form the Navy and Coast Guard, Gabriel Teetsell, from the Marine Corps and Army, Tatiana Menelas from the Army, and Chantae Wright, from the Airforce.

The participating Print Making Students from Art 345 Intermediate Printmaking were Rohini Dewanarayana, Ruth Li, Nicole A. Medina, Patrick J. Serao, and Amy Xie.

There were eight students from Art 445, Advanced Printmaking that became involved with the works as well. These students were Stephanie A. Betances, Kami Kimmel, Edyta Kostka-makowska, Rebecca Lippe, Mary Katherine Lynch, Brian J. Ortiz, Ariana T. Smith, and Sarah E. Thornton.

When asked how long the works took to complete, Aragón said, “the pieces were created over the course of four classes after meeting with the veteran students and hearing their stories.”

“During the opening reception of the exhibition I was able to talk to some of the Veteran students who participated in the project and they were impressed with the work and happy to have been a part of it,” Aragón explained when asked if the veteran students were pleased with the work that had been created with their help.

“They were able to recognize, for the most part, which pieces were based on their stories, I believed this was due to their openness and generosity to share their anecdotes when they visited my class as it made it easier on my students to have enough material to draw from for their pieces.”

“I believe the Veterans Support Services Office have done similar projects in the past with other areas such as painting,” he added.

When asked if the project will be continued in the future, Aragón said, “after the successful response from the students and other faculty, we are planning on making it a yearly event.”


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