Raise Your Weapons High and Join The Inquisition

BioWare Releases a Third Installment to the Popular Dragon Age Franchise

By Matthew McKenna

The game creators of the popular RPGs “Dragon Age” and “Bioware”, have just released the third installment to the franchise, “Dragon Age Inquisition”.

Dragon Age Inquisition is one of the most anticipated games of 2014 and it delivers stunning graphics, great supporting characters, amazing game play, impressive story, and cameos from previous “Dragon Age” games.

“Dragon Age Inquisition” is set a few years after the conclusion of “Dragon Age 2” where the mages and templars of the chantry are at war with each other due to the rash actions of a companion by the name of Anders who wished to liberate his fellow mages from the templars’ grasp.

The game begins when a massive explosion occurs during the opening of the main menu known as The Breach, which is a portal to the realm of demons. That is when you create your character who is the only survivor of the explosion.

You are able to choose your gender, race, and class. The different races are dwarves, elves, humans, and quanari. Your classes are either rouge, mage, or warrior. Your origin story and the world around you is affected by how you customize your character.

After you play the prologue, you begin to rebuild a group known as The Inquisition, a group that wishes to restore the world torn apart by the war, and seal The Breach. Then you become the Inquisitor.

With your goal to end the war, you meet the one responsible for creating The Breach and stopping peace from ever becoming a reality. The antagonist is known as The Elder One, who is a familiar face for those who have played the previous game. When you learn of his plan, your main objective is to stop him.

Game play takes elements from “Dragon Age Origins” and “Dragon Age 2” and puts them together. Customization is much more intricate to the point that you can make a copy of yourself and feel like you’re the hero.

There are also a few new features such as having scars and having makeup on a character. You may also choose what type of accent your character has too.

During the action, you are able to use the tactical view to plan your movements as well as your companions’ and the abilities on your enemies, like a PC or console game.

Then you get straight into the fight. You can free roam much more than you could in previous games and truly explore the virtual world. You can obtain different kinds of mounts like horses and other wildlife.  Banter among party members is also enjoyable to listen to.

You are also able to craft weapons and armor to your hearts content, controlling how strong and what color you want it to be.

Dragon battles are also really intense, due to the creators wish to express them as alpha predators.

Along with playing the main quest, you can play many side quests that actually benefit your character. You can also romance certain characters, but in order to do that, they have to approve of you highly. If they don’t like the decisions you make, they can leave your party and you will never see them again.

“Dragon Age Inquisition” also offers a multi-player option where you and three friends have certain objectives and must survive waves of enemies.

All of this can be enjoyed by many gamers, but even the best games have flaws.

It is a bit difficult even on the lowest setting due to the fact you can not regenerate health after combat because the game is adventurous and realistic.

The leveling up system is a bit complicated to understand at first and even when you understand it, you may not like it. Multi-player did not keep me interested.

While playing many side quests and exploring the different areas, it is easy to forget your main goal in the game until you look at your “Current Quests” menu.

This game is made primarily for next generation consoles, so those who play XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 will not get the full wonder of the game.

Dragon Age Inquisition is a great addition to the franchise, possibly better than the first. I give this game, eight out of 10 dragons.

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