Tough Loss to Western Connecticut Ends Win Streak

Lady Dolphins Struggle to Find Silver Lining in 60-50 Loss

By Francesca Miceli

On December 3 at the Sports and Rec. Center, the Dolphins faced the Western Connecticut Colonials for the first time on home court, beaten by a final score of 60-50 in a non-conference matchup.

Although the score brings their record to 3-4, it was not a bad loss to bear for the girls according to Dolphin’s Coach Tim Shanahan. Before the start of the game, the Colonial’s overall game winning record with the Dolphins was 2-0. Tonight’s game left the dolphins unable to change the stats yet again, giving the Colonials their third overall game win changing the score to 3-0.

Colonials started the first half of the game with several personal and interference fouls. Dolphin’s sophomore #14, Victoria Crea, capitalized hitting her two free-throws and putting up the first two points on the board for the CSI. She also led her team in play time with 36 minutes.

The game was heated from the start. Both teams finished up their last game with a win. CSI defeated Hunter College 62-44 in a conference matchup, while the Colonials won their last four games and came into the night with a 4-1 overall record, averaging 60 points per game.

About 15 minutes into the first half, Colonial’s player #25, Freshman Molly Ronan, took a hard fall head first to the ground, after an incidental collision with a Dolphin player. Ronan was able to pick herself up off the court sitting out the remainder of the period. Everyone—from the audience to the girls on the court from both teams—clapped to show Ronan some moral support. She was benched and unable to return for the second half of the game.

In the first half, the Colonials managed to put 38 points on the board and took the lead against the Dolphins. A Victoria Crea layup put the Dolphins down by eight with less than a minute to play in the first half. With their ability to keep a close score, went into the half down 38-30.

The second period saw the Dolphins struggle to make any type of run offensively. The team hit just 5 out of their 28 shots in the half while the Colonials kept the pressure on by hitting 7 of 19 in the half. Coach Shanahan defended his team on the performance after the game.

“A lot of my girls, including some of my top players, have injuries right now and Colonials are a tough team. The fact that we only lost by 10 points is a lot to say especially since my girls could not play to their fullest potential.” Coach Shanahan stated, shrugging off the loss.

The Colonials added 22 extra points to the scoreboard to finish out the period.  Dolphins put up another 20. Dolphin’s Player #2, freshman Christina Pasaturo, dominated the game, collecting 3 three-pointers with 9 overall points, and played a total of 33 minutes.

“She’s been CUNY rookie of the week three weeks running.” Coach Tim Shanahan states.

#24 Caroline Brasa, a Colonial senior, was a double threat for her team tonight leading the night with 21 points and 2 blocks. She generated 5 turnovers coming in second to, sophomore Alyssa Eannotti leading her team with 8 turnovers and played 30 minutes game time. #11 Emily Dobson, a Colonial sophomore led her team in play time with 36 minutes. She was just four minutes shy of playing the entire game. She is a first line player at a young age and has great potential to obtain the position of captain someday.

Another top player of the night was Colonials player #03, Sophomore Colleen Cosker, finishing up the game with 10 points and 27 minutes of play time.

Sometimes you win some and sometimes you lose some, but that doesn’t stop the drive of the girls or Coach Shanahan. There are still plenty of games left to bump up the Dolphin’s overall record. The girls keep their heads held high, even after the loss, which is the attitude they need to take them to the semi finals, or the finals, and possibly win the championship. They will first have to get things right in practice before they play their games.

“I come down every day; I have no qualms going to practice. Practice is a nice thing and they’re a great bunch of girls.” Coach Shanahan happily states.

The Dolphins next game will be facing the defending champs, Baruch College, in a doubleheader on Tuesday December 9th, at 5:30pm. This will be just the second conference match of the season of the women, and they will follow that up on the road against John Jay. These key games will reveal what type of team the Dolphins have this season.


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