Livin' La Vida Lucia

Valentine’s Day Lolita Look

Make-up And Hair That Screams Romance

By Lucia Rossi

“Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-lee-ta: the tip of the tongue taking a trip of three steps down the palate to tap, at three, on the teeth. Lo. Lee. Ta.”

That’s just the first paragraph of the book Lolita. I think it sets the mood for this Valentine’s Day look.

May you all set fire to your Valentine’s loins this holiday.

First let’s start with hair, if you want big bouncy voluminous curls that last beyond a day, here’s what you do. Always spray your hair with heat protectant spray to save yourself from heat damage. Then, curl your hair normally with a curling wand, straightening iron, or curler with a clamp.

hair 1

If your hair is very difficult to curl, spray some hairspray on your hair and brush it out, then curl. If your hair is very thin, watch out for the high heat and don’t leave it on the curler too long. Use some dry shampoo on your roots to give your hair that extra volume. Feel free to tease your hair at the crown if needed.

Once you have the curl you want with a small section of hair, curl the hair into your hand up to your head and pin it down with a clip or bobby pins. When all your curls are rolled up and pinned, spray on more hairspray. Give it a couple of minutes to settle and cool down. When you let them down, they’ll be super curly and bouncy.

hair 2

Brush them out and style it to your hearts desire. For this look, I gave myself two mini half pigtails on the top of my head and then clipped in hair bows for that kawaii look. Curls are a really classic touch to a romantic evening, whether the curls are loose and wavy or tight and springy.

Now the fun part. Eye makeup. To get a cut crease and for easy cleanup, put a small piece of scotch tape from the end of your eyebrow to the corner of your eye. I use cheap 99cent tape because it is not that sticky.

Then get some eye shadow primer and gently dab it on all over the lid with your ring finger. My favorite primer is the Urban Decay Primer Potion in the shade Sin. This stuff will help you pack on some serious shadow color, will stop creasing on oily lids, and will last all day.

step 1

Pick out a light highlighting shade for beneath your eyebrow and inner corner of our eye. For this look I chose a light shimmery pink pigment from Nyx Cosmetics called Ultra Pearl Mania. Apply his shade with an eye shadow brush ad swipe it gently back and forth so it’s blended.

step 2

Alright, let’s get into that crease shade. Since I wanted to match my outfit, I picked a burgundy colored baked eye shadow called Aphrodite from BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette. I applied it to my crease with the Elizabeth Mott All Over Shadow brush and added a bit to the edge of my lid. I then took my clean Real Techniques deluxe crease brush and blended the crease shade upwards so it fades into the highlight. Start out with a light amount and then build on it until you get your desired intensity.

step 3

Next is your lid. I wanted to give my lid some sparkle so first I put on a white shimmery pigment, Nyx’s roll on shimmer in the shade Platinum. But since I was wearing a light beige color, I darkened it with Cailyn’s Just Mineral Eye Polish in the shade #5 Orchid and just dabbed it on top. Since the pigment is very loose, some of it can transfer onto your crease. If that happens, just clean it up using a crease brush.

step 4

Now the part we all mess up, the winged eyeliner. I find that the easiest way to apply it with the most control is with Sephora’s High Precision liquid eyeliner in black. This is my favorite, and the waterproof version isn’t bad either.

step 5

Just take your time and make small strokes across your lid. Keep the line thin and then thicken it if you want it to be more dramatic. When you get to the corner, draw a sharp line outwards in a diagonal and then a line back to lid to create a small triangle shape. That’s your wing. Then just color it in. Easier said than done, right?

If you mess up on your lid, eye shadow usually covers it up easily. If you mess up the wing, take the edge of a baby wipe or a cotton swab in makeup remover and clean it up. Hakuna Matata.

Curl your lashes if you can and apply generous amounts of mascara. Here I used Cargo’s Triple Action mascara and then applied Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant mascara on top. Don’t forget to do your bottom lashes as well.

step 6

Below my lower lashes I applied Nyx’s Jumbo Eye Pencil in the shade 611 Yogurt and then Stila’s waterproof eyeliner in the shade Aubergine on my water line and along my lash line. Just for a little extra something, I did a shimmery streak beneath my wing using Nyx’s Glam Liner Aqua-Luxe in GLA07.

I know I used a lot of Nyx products, but their quality is great and they’re super affordable. So, why not?

This next part is optional, but if you want to go above and beyond then apply some glamorous false lashes. I used Ardell’s lashes in 105 with my trusty Revlon Lash Adhesive.

I also filled in the sparse areas of my eyebrows as well as shaped them a tiny bit with a small angled brush using the shade Undone from the Naked 2 Basics palette. To set those suckers in place I swiped on Model in a Bottle’s Long Lasting Eyebrow Sealer.

step 7

For my lips I put on Lime Crime’s Geradium lipstick and dabbed the excess with a tissue because that stuff is super pigmented. Then I topped it with some Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie lip gloss in the shade Rebel.

finished 1

I won’t get into the face makeup because that would be over 1,000 words in itself. But, I hope you get the idea and can maybe gain some inspiration and courage to look ready for some lovin’ on V-Day, whether you’re single or not.

Have fun with your look, experiment, practice, and be fabulous.

finished 2

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