Livin' La Vida Lucia

Wise Up Your Winter Fashion

By Lucia Rossi

The most important thing you need for winter weather is a coat. When choosing the right coat, keep it comfortable and complimenting. Northface coats are warm but the huge puffy style is so 90’s. Check out other coat types, even within the same brand, that is more form fitting. Peacoats are a super flattering and fashionable. If you get one that’s all wool with heat underlining it will be perfect for the cold. Coats are expensive so be sure you know how to properly wash and care for them so they last you for future winters.funny-little-girl-winter-clothes

When it comes to fur, it can a be a hit or miss. Fur can be cozy and warm, but when worn in excess, it becomes redundant and can make you look like a pomeranian. If you keep your fur accessories to a minimum you will have a good balance. Fur vests and hats can be classy and eye catching, but fur boots are unnecessary. They will get ruined from the water and salt, so try to skip on the fur or just don’t over do it.

Winter time is a good time to leather up your life, and not in the 50 shades kind ofway. Leather is great for this weather so break out the Sons of Anarchy jackets and trypairing it with a sweater or a thick long sleeved shirt underneath. Leather is also a great material for your shoes during this season. Bring out the combat boots and leather heeledknee-highs because they will compliment your leg shape as well as protect you from the cold and moisture. It is also a good time to show off your cute and cozy socks or leg warmers above your boots. apple-bottom-jeans-boots-with-the-fur-funny-quotes1

Refrain from using your Ugg boots in the snow. They may look like a good idea but their purpose is for looks not for protection against the elements. Rock salt and water damage will ruin them, so save yourself the cleaning bill and keep them in the closet. 3e0db264c1a746016827380776c4781aa6df2861c476c7f05b54140f9f61c247

And for the sake of all that is good, DON’T wear Ugg boots with shorts. Do you really want to be one of those people? That’s almost as bad as people who wear socks with sandals. Do I even need to tell you that you shouldn’t wear sandals in winter? Unless you’re getting a pedicure that is. Come on. Don’t even get me started on Crocs.winter-clothes-in-florida

This season is a very tempting time to dress lazy, that doesn’t mean you should stop caring about your appearance. If you love sweats, that’s fine, but don’t wear over sized or baggy sweats. You know those yoga pants make your butt look nice anyway.The-season-of-leggings

Since winter is here, it’s time to go mad with plaid flannel. Flannel is a soft and comfy material for winter and is a very versatile item. Flannel button down shirts can be used in all different types of looks, so it’s definitely a necessary weapon in your wardrobe arsenal. Flannel pants however should remain for household use. Flannel pants are great for pajamas or lounging around, but not when you’re trying to make a fashion statement.funny-lumberjack-flannel-Zach-Galifianakis

Due to the cold weather, you will obviously need gloves, scarves, and hats. Your hands are important, they are what lead you to my blog. So, you need warm gloves. I personally prefer fingerless so I can work in warmth and style. Gloves with removable tips or with that really cool material that works on touchscreens are also decent choices. The thin fashionable gloves are actually a bad idea in this instance because they don’t keep your hands warm, which is suppose to be the purpose of gloves.

Scarves come in all shapes, sizes, and patterns. Play around with it and try different styles of tying it. You can find a bunch on the internet. Those infinity scarves are versatile, fashionable, fun, and warm. Which is what you should want for winter.


Besides the dreaded hat-hair, hats can be a great asset to your ensemble. They are absolutely necessary for winter because most heat escapes through your head and you also want to avoid your hair getting dandruff from the cold dry air. When choosing a hat, go for one with a thick strong warm material (like cotton or wool) that is comfortable as well as fashionable. Hats that are fuzzy on the inside are great for the cold. Hats that have side flaps or knitted headbands, are pretty in style as well. Beanies are great for bohemian looks especially if you want to compliment loose flowing hair. Save the big straw hats for summer and skip the ear muffs.02c276bce40ce903b25f371b6070f31e

It’s all about the layers, layers, layers. Coordinate your outfit around one piece of clothing and find accessories that keep you warm to match, like sweaters, scarves, leggings, high socks etc. Don’t put away your summer clothes just yet! You can still wear them as long as you layer things right.

Wear tank tops underneath thin tops or dresses, wear sheer skin toned tights under skirts and dresses, top summer outfits off with warm sweaters and jackets. If you love your ripped jeans, wear patterned or laced tights underneath to protect your legs as well as make a fashion statement. Personally, I think jeggings are tacky, but I do love leggings and they’re perfect for this season. Black leggings go with everything, but make sure the material is thick otherwise your legs will be frozen and everyone will see your underwear. We don’t want none of that “I see London, I see France,” nonsense.fb0a30b096a0e693e37b9965964acd3c

Just because it’s winter, that doesn’t mean you are only limited to wearing dark makeup and dark colored outfits. When it comes to makeup, don’t be afraid to break the rules. Do whatever you like, why not go for that hot pink lipstick instead of the typical wine winter shade? My only suggestion is to not go heavy on the bronzer. No one is tan during this time of year so why should you be? Skip the self tanner this season, you don’t need it. It is good to stand out but not in this way. If you’re pale, own it. Pale skin tones can be beautiful too, like the snow. Find your inner Snow White princess and wait until summer to be tanned and bronzed.648963bf7eeb8dc4005fc0a5f524d4c5ba6c7064cfe57f616b960d98e650a718

With all these thing sin mind, you’ll be one step closer to looking hot and being warm in the cold. Fashion is all about experimentation and taking risks, but where the weather is concerned, it’s about dressing smart too. So keep your cool, dress warm, and look hot.


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