An Interview Gone Terribly Wrong

James Franco and Seth Rogen’s “The Interview”

By Matthew McKenna

Movies can become controversial for different reasons; however, none have received as much controversy as of late as “The Interview” starring Seth Rogen and James Franco.

From the creators of “This Is The End” and “Neighbors” comes a comedy that insulted the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, to the point that it lead to a cyber attack on Sony Pictures, the company that owns the rights to the movie. The movie still came out but by different means.

“The Interview” is based on the idiotic entertainment news reporter Dave Skylark, played by James Franco, and his best friend and agent Aaron Rapaport, played by Seth Rogen, getting a chance to interview with the supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un, who is played by Randall Park.

When they get their interview, the CIA joins in and ask the two to assassinate the leader with poison, therefore eliminating a threat to the United States.

As they arrive in North Korea, the mission begins to test their friendship with one another when Dave begins to befriend Kim before the interview between the two.

The CIA even warns the two that Kim is a master manipulator. Throughout the movie has funny jokes and slapstick.

Before this movie arrived in theatres, Sony Pictures was hacked by the country of North Korea because of this movie. North Korea believes that the movie is an attack or a war starter because in the film Americans are aiming to kill their leader.

Due to this cyber attack, Sony prevented the movie from being released and distributed because of this and threats on its workers. In a press conference with President Obama, he discussed how he was sympathetic towards the company but did not like how they withdrew the film.

Seth Rogen in an interview stated that originally it was small conversation that lead to an idea and the movie was meant to be funny, not an attack on another country.

Eventually Obama released the movie on Christmas Day to selected theaters to please the public who wanted to go and see it originally before it was pulled out.

However, the movie is mostly being streamed through the internet because some theaters did not want to show it. Now the audience has a choice to go see the movie they originally intended or to be patriotic.

About the movie itself, it was very comical. Seth Rogen was the main source of comedy in this movie. Strangely if you don’t know much about North Korea and its leader, this movie can give you a little bit of information.

The laugh out loud scenes in the movie will make you laugh even if you watched it a couple of times.

What was bad about this movie was James Franco idiocy in scenes that was either too low or too high. Any sexual jokes in the movie were funny but some were over the top that it lead to being stupid. In a way, the sense of humor of the film was like watching “This Is The End” or “Neighbors”.

If you wish to see the movie either because you wish to be patriotic or just to see a comedy movie, I give it seven Soviet Union tanks out of 10.



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