How to Procrastinate Like a Champion

Exploring the Fault in Our Timeliness

By Jaeyung Lee

Work sucks. There’s always something that needs to be done, and the genius that put 24 hours in a day should have thought better of it.

There are always those days where you get a tower of homework from every professor and you feel the world is over. Time is no longer on your side, but what can you do? Walk away from it.

Seriously, the worst thing you can do is look at that massive load of things to be done and just jump right into suffering. If you begin work with a negative outlook, you will tire yourself out quickly.

Everyone will tell you that procrastinating will only leave you feeling more pressured towards the end of the stretch to when that paper is due, or that book of problems that needs to be solved. Professors will make that false promise that your essay will be extremely flawed if done only a day in advance.

If you like video games, can you commit yourself to two or more hours of strict gaming? If you love to socialize, are your friends willing to waste time with you?

Probably the best way to make the most of your wasted time is surfing the internet. It can be your best friend when it comes to relaxing and burning time that should be used for studying.

Here are numerous websites crafted for the sole purpose of wasting time: Facebook: When Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, he never foresaw it escalating into the massive procrastination tool that it is today. With a number of Facebook apps for talking to new people (Zoosk, SpeedDate, Matchmaker) and apps for playing games that serve no purpose whatsoever (Candy Crush Saga, Bubble Witch Saga 2, Marvel Avengers Alliance), Facebook has evolved into a master database of procrastinating.

If you’re looking to burn hours on end, open up a Facebook app and get ready for the hours to pass by.

Buzzfeed: When it comes to burning valuable time, Buzzfeed is the Prince of the Internet, only second to Facebook. Buzzfeed lets us know how to eat food properly, how to know you’re an introvert without a real personality test, and what Harry Potter character you are.

YouTube: Crafted for people looking to get into procrastination, YouTube has aided young college students in wasting time for a decade, with related videos specially curated to have nothing to do with what you were watching,

YouTube really knows how to transition from string theory to Street Fighter Cat. You can also find amazing games to play with YouTube, like Password Scramble. Agree on a topic, click on the first trending YouTube video, and go through related videos until you stumble upon the topic of choice! Sometimes, you don’t know how to distract yourself, and that’s not a problem when you use! As the name implies, this page only has one purpose: to waste your time.

With its user-friendly navigation page that happens to only be one click-able button, you’ll find yourself hurled onto a random webpage that will make you say, “What am I doing with my life?” Some websites you’ll run into include an 8-bit dog race, a 3D salmon display, and a small blue box in the middle of the screen.

Wikipedia: Contraty to popular belief Wikipedia is a procrastination magnifier. In one click, you’ll be able to transport between mid-18th century improvements in technology to a lengthy article about Ed Sheeran.

Wikipedia may not be able to help you with your essay on quantum mechanics, but it can answer the pressing questions with real life application like, “who was the child actor in Home Alone?”

Tumblr is the procrastination poison that penetrates the common college student. With the ability to follow other blogs that can show you really cool pictures, you can meet people who really know how to use Google Images better than you. In case you need a place to help you forget about that five page essay due tomorrow, Tumblr’s entrancing pictures will make you think, “Where exactly am I?”

The key to procrastination is to know yourself. What distractions are effective against you and how long they will continue to distract you.


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