Joining a Gym on a College Budget

Finding the Right Gym will Help You in the Long-run

By Rob LaRosa

Congratulations, you’ve come a long way with your fitness journey and you’re starting to achieve the body and frame you’ve been craving. Like most people who lift, you either started off in your high school or college weight room which is fine but sometimes a change of scenery is something you need.

If you enjoy the current gym you’re using then more power to you, but if you feel like you need a different environment to weight train in, there’s a few options out there for you.

As a college student you’re going to learn that budgeting is one of the most important keys to success. I can’t speak for all but for kids like myself who work part time jobs, attend school full time and are trying to find the right gym, money and budgeting is the single most important factor in deciding where your next gym is. Here’s a list of some of the gyms you can check out on the island.

CSI’s weight room is the first gym that comes to mind for obvious reasons because we all attend school here and it’s free of charge. From personal experience, CSI’s weight room is terribly underrated because despite a very small lifting section, the equipment covers all basic muscles.

From regular, decline, incline bench to a hip adduction machine to a squat rack to a smith machine, this gym is very convenient and the most affordable gym to any students on campus.

Synergy Fitness is the gym I’m currently signed into and from personal experience it’s everything I could ask for in a weight room.

The only down side to Synergy is that it is thirty dollars a month which could be quite expensive to some people. However, Synergy provides a wide range of different machines to work out on.

YMCA is a family gym that offers student discounts of twenty-five dollars while LA Fitness is forty dollars. Both feature pools and Jacuzzis. LA offers more machines with even newer equipment while the Y uses equipment that isn’t as new.

Now my least favorite gym is Planet Fitness because I’m not a huge fan of some of the equipment they use and personally don’t understand how they don’t have bench presses.

Planet Fitness however is the second cheapest gym on this list and provides some pretty reasonable deals for their subscribers. It also has multiple locations all throughout Staten Island and NYC which definitely makes life convenient to the people signed up.

With all these gyms to choose from your choices are many, from prices, to equipment, or even convenience on locations. Picking the right gym to attend should be something to put thought into.

Go to the gym and talk to the managers and see the deals they offer you, look around to see if you like the equipment and most of all make sure you like the atmosphere. Nothing could be worse than signing up for a gym and a few weeks into the membership, realizing you hate the environment.

All gyms have their pros and cons but at the end of the day you just need to pick the one that feels right. If you don’t walk into the gym and immediately fall in love with it then maybe this gym isn’t right for you. Find your comfort zone and start building the better you that you deserve, so keep grinding.


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