MTV’s Stalker-Thriller is the Drama to See

“Eye Candy” Testing Waters with Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101 Star

By Briana DelBuono

Coerced into signing up for ‘Flirtual,’ an app that helps you find men nearby, by her Williamsburg roommate, Lindy Sampson inadvertently dives into the world of cyber stalkers. Little does her stalker know, Lindy has a tricky past and is guilty of her own share of stalking as well.

The first episode, filled with fast paced segments, helps the viewer to piece together how Lindy ends up where she is currently. Three years prior to when the show is set, her sister is kidnapped, causing her to try effortlessly through whatever means necessary to find her.

Somewhere in her midst of illegally hacking online and unfortunately failing to figure out where her missing sister went, her law enforcement boyfriend, unable to turn a blind eye to his girlfriend’s behavior, turns her in.

After her six months of parole, Lindy is back out on the playing field when she comes across even more trouble online.

Through ‘Flirtual’, under the alias “Eye Candy,” Lindy meets three guys at the club her roommate works in. She quickly figures out that someone is stalking her and assumes it is one of guys she had met the previous night.

When one of the potential beaus turns up dead, Lindy realizes she might be in over her head and seeks the help of Ben, her ex-boyfriend, and his partner.

Happy to be back in her life, Ben decides to stay with her to ensure her safety. The next day while he is surveying one Lindy’s two remaining online matches, Lindy receives an eerie message from her stalker while at work. Her computer lights up with video footage of her roommate at home in their apartment.

Obviously panicked, Lindy calls her roommate and tells her to get out of the apartment and lets Ben know so he could get her out of harm’s way.

Little does Lindy know, the footage is taped and her roommate is in no actual danger. When she realizes the game that her stalker is playing, Lindy rushes across town to save Ben, who is now in a trap that her stalker has set.

She arrives in time to find a video on her laptop of Ben telling her that “it only takes one to show you the way” which is something he had told her on the roof of her building the night before in regards to her missing sister.

Understanding his message, she runs to the rooftop to find him sitting in a chair with his throat slit. The scene ends with Ben’s partner carrying Lindy away screaming.

More determined than ever to find her serial killer stalker and to find out where her missing sister is, Lindy is fighting back in a very active way.

In previews for the second episode, Lindy appears to have joined forces with the NYPD in order to catch her serial killer stalker.

Coming attractions for the rest of the season prove to be just as riveting and will definitely have viewers at the edge of their seats. Before the first show’s premier, my expectations were set pretty high and I did not believe they would be met, but I was wrong.

Overall, the show was suspenseful and dramatic. The hour-long episodes allow just enough time for the viewer to be fully submerged in this MTV drama, which highlights many of the real life dangers of online dating.

Victoria Justice is a great actress and is definitely passionate about her growing career. From the young and seemingly innocent actress she was on Zoey 101 and Victorious, she sure has stepped out of the box with this new drama.

Thrown into a series containing sex and danger, time will tell if she will grow successfully into this matured role.

Spanned over ten episodes, big things are expected from Eye Candy. Seemingly over packed with drama in just the pilot episode, I have high hopes that the show will serve its purpose entertaining and surprising its viewers throughout the entire season.



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