A Short Guide on Proper Gym Etiquette

Infamous Stereotypes You’ll Find at Your Local Gym

By Robert LaRosa

At this point in your lifting, you’ve come to understand the machines, your body, and the people around you at the gym. Since you first stepped into the weight room you’ve realized that there are some things, like most aspects of life, are just not acceptable in the gym.

No matter what gym you plan on going to, you will find at least one person acting out these stereotypes in the weight room.

To start things off I’m going to call out an obvious perpetrator and that is the guy who constantly creeps on the girls on the treadmill. Look, women are beautiful but this doesn’t give you the right to completely creep them out during their workout.

Everybody has the right to go to the gym and shouldn’t have to deal with being harassed by anyone who has no business being there.

Next is actually a debatable topic between gym goers that has to do with grunting while you lift. I, personally, have no problem with guys and girls grunting while they lift weights.

However some people feel that it is unnecessary and can cause distractions to people throughout the gym. Even though both sides have solid reasons for doing so, I do believe there is a time and place to grunt in the gym.

Your grunt could be used when lifting dangerously heavy weights and when you are reaching your max set. Grunting should be used during heavy sets but shouldn’t be overkill to the fellow gym members. But at the end of the day please feel free to grunt when you max out.

This next one can be a little tricky depending on who you and the other person are. There always seems to be that one guy who finishes his sets and then goes around giving unwanted advice to others not working with him.

The tricky part of this all depends on what the other person has to say to you because in my experience I’ve had mixed opinions.

Usually, I appreciate someone who takes time out of their workout to help me out with form or technique, but sometimes it gets aggravating when the person is giving you false information. For example, someone told me once that I shouldn’t max out my reps for my shoulder muscles. That’s wrong for multiple reasons.

First of all, he didn’t know what workout I was doing, didn’t know what my goals were and shouldn’t have gone around telling people to not reach for their max set.

The most notorious stereotype of them all is the guy who has the massive upper body, which is rather impressive, but skips leg day every week to get some reps on the bench.

Listen guys, leg day is extremely important in your lifting schedule because it’s literally the other half of your body. With the a high risk of muscle imbalances that would end up tearing muscles and really injuring yourself, skipping a massive body part in your workout isn’t a smart idea.

Another stereotype is the rookie in the gym who’s trying to lift some crazy amount of weight to make a name for himself. Look we’ve all been there being a rookie at something in our lives and it’s not the greatest of feelings. My take on this is to work at your own pace and make sure you can do the absolute best you can possibly do.

If you have never touched a weight before and walk to the bench trying to grip one hundred and thirty-five pounds, a lot of people are gonna raise their eyebrows for obvious reasons. The injuries you will sustain in trying to max out with heavy weight on your very first gym session will be severe and one hundred percent guaranteed.

It takes patience and discipline to lift and slowly take steps up the ladder of success.

Lastly, there is the guy who spots you but doesn’t really spot you. Anytime you don’t have your gym buddy with you and you’re looking to max out, you have to look for someone in the gym who can help you out for about two minutes.

However, sometimes you can pick the wrong guy who thinks he’s motivating you by screaming and yelling at you by not helping lift the bar reassuring you that “It’s all you.” This guy comes in different forms as well.

He could also be the guy who actually helps you lift the bar off and really does a good job of spotting you but there’s something else to him.

From an experience I’ve had, this guy spots you but is so sweaty that it actually drips onto you as you lift. Obviously, this is disgusting and can be completely avoidable if this guy just wipes his face before he spots you. Not only is that good for him but also could be a safety hazard as equipment can slip out of people’s hands.

Everybody deserves to go to a gym and have a satisfactory time without having to deal with some of these people. Do yourself a favor and don’t be like one of the stereotypes, you’ll thank be thankful later.



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