Papa Roach Releases a Sub-Par Record

F.E.A.R Not Good but Frighteningly Disappointing

By Nicholas Tropolone

Papa Roach formed in 1993 and during that time had released seven albums. With the amazing voice of Jacoby Shaddix, the smooth bass playing of Tobin Esperance, the hard guitar playing of Jerry Horton, and Tony Palermo heavily banging the drums, it is hard to not like the music that they make.

They have been nominated for their work and even toured with some of the biggest names in rock and roll like Motley Crue.

Some of their most famous songs are Last Resort, Scars, and To be Loved. Their music has been a popular favorite among rock n’ roll fans with songs from each of their albums being played on the radio several times for a few months.

Their newest album titled F.E.A.R. celebrates 15 years of the release of their first album Infest.

Their music has changed from rock-rap to punk to metal and so on and this album changes up their style as well. The problem is that some of it sounds more like pop rock and it does not sound like something they would do.

But, they always change the style up a little bit from one record to the next and they have stayed true to the idea of changing the sound but pop rock is not a genre of music that is easily done when one is known for harder music sound.

Some of it does sound like some of their older works. Regardless of that the music in and of itself is good and flows nicely throughout the album. The music is enjoyable and as always the songs have something to say.

For example, some of the lyrics to the song “Face Everything” and “Rise” capture their classic style: The streets crawl with a deadly omen/outside I see a world that’s broken/I can’t breathe, my heart is choking/I need a cure for this life I’ve chosen/The pain, the rain is a blessing in disguise/I feel it cutting and its cutting like a knife/The pain in my brain is a blessing in disguise/I feel it cutting and its cutting like a knife.

And the song “War Over Me” echoes the Papa Roach of the early days: I’m standing front lines, I’m fighting for my soul/I’ve walked the self-destructive lonely road/I read the warning signs but I was to blind to see/I have to feel the pain till I believed.

For some of the album they team up with other artists, featuring rapper Royce Da 5’9” for the song “Warriors” and Maria Brink from the metal band In This Moment for the song “Gravity”.

Everything about the album fits their profile and the change in pace suits the meaning behind the words. It is not their best work but it not the worst.



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