Livin' La Vida Lucia

Partying Part Two: The Day After

How To Look Awake After Pulling An All-Nighter

By Lucia Rossi

During this past St. Patrick’s Day everyone’s usually working, drinking, or studying for midterms.


These things can get out of hand and make you put in way more hours than expected. So much so, that you might not get any sleep and then how are you going to look to people tomorrow? You don’t want to look like a zombie even if you might feel like one.


Here’s how to trick everyone into thinking you’re rested by using and not using makeup.

Since you didn’t take care of your body last night, you should probably make up for it in the morning starting with a shower. Use warm water so you feel relaxed and use face and body wash that can exfoliate your dead skin cells so your skin feels fresh. If you have it, use the formulas that are specifically made to energize your skin and make you more awake, like the Clean & Clear Morning Burst face wash.


If you didn’t already, wash off all the makeup from the night before. You don’t want to clog your pores and cause acne by leaving it on. So, be sure to remove it all before you move on.

Just like in a normal morning routine, after you wash your ace make sure you moisturize. Your skin must be super thirsty after all the alcohol dehydrated it.


If your eyes are puffy from lack of sleep, there are a few things you could try to reduce it. You could simply splash on cold water on your face, you could put cold spoons or a bag of frozen veggies under your eyes, you could place used green tea or chamomile tea bags on it, use caffeine eye cream, or if you don’t have that, I kid you not, Preparation H. It’s an anti-inflammatory so it gets rid of puffiness if you’re in a pinch.

You may already know this one, but you need to drink a lot of water. It’s honestly the best thing for you since it will flush out the toxins, plump your skin cells, give you a glowing complexion and will overall make you feel better. You can’t get enough of the stuff.



With drinking water goes with eating breakfast. You know it’s the most important meal of the day because it will give you energy and start your metabolism. On a day like this, go for the complex carbs, like oatmeal, so you get steady dose of energy. Add fruits in it if you think you need a sugary surge.

If you want coffee, I understand. But only have one cup, too much of it will make you jittery with nervousness and irritability. Don’t try to compensate for your lack of sleep with a crazy amount of caffeine or energy drinks, you’ll end up crashing later and your stomach will regret it. Save yourself the trouble.


Just because you’re exhausted doesn’t mean you should look like you feel to work or school. Don’t go for the lazy bum looking clothing. Wear a nice outfit to bring back some of your confidence. Look like you actually tried and people will notice. Go for comfortable shoes though, skip the heels and go for the wedges if you still want to look professional and still keep your coordination.


This may sound crazy, and it may be something you really don’t want to do, but, you should work out. At least a little, even 5-15 minutes. This will help warm and wake your body for more work and will give you a healthy glow.



When it comes to doing your hair, it’s okay it it’s dirty. Dry shampoo spray will fix that right up. It will absorb the oil and freshen your hair with a clean scent. If your hair is too unmanageable, go for the bun hairstyle You can’t go wrong with a classy and simple hair bun.


Alcohol makes blood vessels dilate which leads to puffiness. Makeup can help you hide the puffiness and give the illusion of normalcy. Grab that concealer girl, you know you need it now more than ever. This will help cover up those pesky dark circles.


Do use white or nude colored eyeliner to help hide eye redness. You should also take some eye drops to help with this also. If you want to use an eye shadow, go for a bright and shimmery champagne shade that will brighten your eyes.


To make your eyes look really awake you need to curl those lashes and use mascara. By curling your lashes you’re making your eyes look wider and more open, thus making you look more awake. It will keep that shape if you use mascara which will also intensify the effect. Choose a mascara that has lengthiness formula for this and go for the black or blue shade because it will whiten your eyes even more.

When it comes to your face makeup, skip the foundation and powder because your skin needs major moisturizing and that make you look worse. Go for a BB or CC cream instead because it will make you look less tired. If you wanna go the extra mile, lay on a layer of an illuminating face cream or a generous amount of highlighter to your face. This will brighten you right up.


If you feel like your face is really puffy, then contour using a cream or powder beneath your cheekbones from your jawline to your temple and blend well. This will make your face look slimmer.

Top off this wide-awake look with a shimmery lipstick or gloss for the illusion of full plump hydrated lips.


Once all your work is done and you’re home again, who cares what you look like! Catch up on some sleep that is much deserved. When you do, sleeping on your back will do you the most good beauty wise. The Mayo Clinic says elevating your head reduces dark circles and RealAge says it reduces sleep lines and face puffiness.


So make like the Sleeping Beauty or Snow White that you are and hope that a kiss will wake you.




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