New Student Run Magazines Set for Failure

Three Legged Dolphin, Morgan, and Serpentine Likely to Sink

By Clifford Michel

Three student run publications are all but set to be cut from the College of Staten Island’s Student Publications Board as a meeting on March 19 found the clubs to be all but inactive.

The publications board noted that they haven’t received updates from Operation: Three Legged Dolphin, Serpentine, or Morgan Magazine, which collectively receive $50,850 in order to run their operations.

$27,650 was allotted to Serpentine, $11,700 to Morgan, and $11,500 to O3LD.

Traditionally, funding is used for food, equipment, outreach materials, and printing.

The three publications were all set to publish at least one issue by the end of the 2014-15 academic year.

The difficulties of these three publications are heavily reflective of issues last year when several members of the board failed to print.

Members of the board noted that they’ve tried to reach out to the publications, but have yet to receive a reply or see any staff members in their offices.

“People come to the office to look for Serpentine,” said Marina Funk, the publications board representative for the newly formed Catalyst magazine, which shares an office with Serpentine. “And I’ve been asked by every member of the club to ask if you guys know about Serpentine.”

Members of O3LD have been in touch with publications board members, but have continually cancelled appointments and have failed to show progress on their comic-oriented project.

The publication’s Editor-in-Chief wasn’t a full time student and was replaced illegitimately—under the rules of the Publications Board, a vote has to be held—by another member, who has also failed to give updates to the board.

“I haven’t seen many people in the office at all,” said Gabriella Shylyakh. “But they were working on something last time we saw them. So I think they’re making panels for comics or something.”

An added difficulty of the three fledgling publications not being able to return is the departure of Phillip Masciantonio, general manager of WSIA-FM who also oversaw the majority of the publication board’s transactions.

Robert King Kee, Coordinator for Student Leadership Development, will be taking over Masciantonio’s responsibilities until a permanent replacement is found.

Learning the ins and outs of the publication board—ranging from purchase orders to the re-chartering process—takes a while to learn, Masciantonio told the Banner in a separate and unrelated interview.

Morgan, which was slated to be a fashion magazine, is the most likely to fall through the cracks due to the fact that the publication has never been through the printing process before.

Board members voted to create a standardized status report to be given to publications at least twice a semester to help prevent the publications from failing to print.

“The bottom line is that we have three publications that are defunct,” said Daniel Gagliardi. “An attrition of three publications is large, we have to try something different.”

Ramses Martinez, a publication board representative for Third Rail, a politically focused publication, reported that the magazine would return for an April release.

The Catalyst, a magazine focused on science culture on both a national and CSI-centric level, is the only new publication to be on track to publish this year. The publication is set to publish an issue by the end of the semester.

“We’re actually moving ahead even better than expected,” said Funk.

“We finished editing everything, except for one or two articles. The technical guys, they’ve finished designing all the articles layout and I didn’t think we’d be done till the [end] of March, but we’re just about done.”

“I’m really excited for it,” Funk continued.

The board also voted to use $4,000 from reserve funding to purchase three display racks after a voting member noted that a rack in building 5N had been damaged.

The Publications Board’s final meetings of the semester are scheduled for April 23 and May 21 in 1C-227, where re-chartering in order to continue publishing will be discussed.

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